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University Of Sharjahs 2nd Student Conference Highlights Challenges And Opportunities

National Identity And Students’ Role To Enhance It

The challenges and opportunities in the age of globalisation and the role of students in protecting national identity will be in the limelight at a landmark conference organised by the Student Federation of the University of Sharjah.

The 2nd student conference, held under the theme "National Identity and Students’ role in Enhancing It – Challenges and Opportunities", is being organised under the auspices of His Highness Dr. Sheikh Sultan bin Mohammed Al Qasimi, Member of the Supreme Council and Ruler of Sharjah, on March 26 and 27, 2008. Dr. Sheikh Sultan is also Chairman of the University.

The conference will be presided over by Dr. Abdullah Al Muneizel, Dean, Students’ Affairs. It seeks to realize five objectives relevant to the projection of nationalism in the community of university students, teaching staff and administrative personnel, and enhancing the practices of good citizenship among students. The conference is also aimed at expanding the knowledge of students in a serious scientific environment and developing their role in voluntary participation in various activities, which can provide them with experience in organising and managing such activities. The conference will endorse a number of recommendations at the end of its proceedings, based on student visions regarding national identity issues.

The conference is co-sponsored by Watani as a main sponsor, as it aims to enhance national identity and volunteering initiatives and seeks to establish the practices of good citizenship in line with the fixtures of the UAE and its sublime values and rich heritage and traditions. The Watani programme is also tasked with enhancing the basic concepts among all community members, like loyalty to the wise leadership, belonging to the homeland and preserving ethics based on the tenets and tolerance of Islam.

The Steering Committee has asked all students at the country’s universities to write theses on the three main topics of the conference.

The first topic is “Theoretical and Scientific Dimensions of Good Citizens” – their individual, intellectual and social characteristics and the role of the citizen in the development of society. It also includes Arab and international experiences in building the good citizen and enhancing national identity.

The second topic is: “Challenges and Opportunities”. This has to do with the challenges facing national identity under globalization, the information technology and multiculturalism. It also deals with the challenges and opportunities faced by national identity components like loyalty, belonging and commitment, as well as the language, traditions, practices, volunteer work, improving work standards and dealing with rumours. The topic also covers the challenges and opportunities students experience in the application of nationalistic practices.

The third topic is “Institutions Concerned with the Enhancement of National Identity”. This covers educational institutions, curricula, institutions of higher education, guided activities, the media, civil society institutions and NGOs.

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