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How to Put a Halt to Emotional Eating

Emotional eating is quite a sensitive and even uncomfortable topic for most people. There are those who deal with this issue on a daily basis. 

While for some, it is an occasional occurrence brought on by stress or a momentary lapse in judgment. In either case, there are ways to overcome this wellness concern and regain control over one’s health.

Shared below are seven ways to help stop feeding your emotions and compromising your health.

1. Visualize the version of you that is in control of your emotions.

It is important to see yourself in power and making smart decisions when situations are tough. 

Your thoughts are powerful and have the ability to restructure your actions. When you think a certain way about yourself, it can become so much easier to act your way into the person you want to become, advises psychotherapist and author Karla Freeman.

So, visualize your ideal self frequently but more so when you find yourself in a vulnerable circumstance.

2. Be kind to yourself.

Do not beat yourself up for making mistakes now and then. Rather, accept those occasions and bounce back to being in control. There’s no point in feeling too guilty over a lapse in judgment. Instead, do something to address the consequences of your error. 

If you have been binge eating because of constant stress, head out to exercise, or go to a sauna to de-stress. If you are worried about piling on the extra pounds, sign up for a popular weight loss program that you’ve been holding off on. Remember, every problem has a solution. Focus on the solution instead of the problem.

3. Write down barriers and concerns.

Listing down the triggers, as well as the obstacles to you taking control of emotional eating will allow you to identify suitable action steps and the tools to further help you out. 

Perhaps, create a journal for your wellness journey and write down all the important concerns you have about your inclination to eat excessively when you are struggling emotionally.

4. Get rid of trigger foods.

What foods do you normally reach for when you’re down? Chocolates? Cookies? Cake? Ice cream? 

It would be hard to binge-eat if you do not have these trigger foods at home. So, get rid of them and instead replace them with more nourishing options such as organic greens for salads, fruits, and collagen protein bars in various flavors. You are less likely to consume too much of these food items because they are not loaded with sugar, unlike typical trigger foods.

5. Alleviate your current state.

If you are feeling stressed or down, identify the different ways by which you can feel better. It can simply be talking to a family member or a friend or distracting yourself by watching a funny movie or even treating yourself to a day at the spa. 

It helps to remind yourself that unpleasant situations do not last forever. There is absolutely no value to increase your suffering by being too emotional and letting emotions compromise your judgment.

6. Think “could” instead of “should.”

This is another way of being kinder to yourself when you want to take control of emotional eating. Dietitian Sadia Badiei says that by using the word could, you are making less of a demand and giving yourself more options. Should, on the other hand, is commanding and it typically snaps you into a rebellious mode.

This simple switch can really change the way you think about food. For example, when you say that I shouldn’t have a cookie, you automatically feel more attracted to the idea of having a cookie. Whereas when you say I could have a cookie, you start thinking whether you actually want one or not.

7. Find a support system.

Discuss your health initiative with the people who care about you and ask for their support. You will find that your journey will feel less overwhelming because of the encouragement that you get from them. 

Also, find people who are on the same path as you. These like-minded people can exchange their know-how with yours and you can all benefit from each other.

On a healthy journey with food
Making a change for the better is usually not easy, especially when it comes to something as basic as food. 

However, with established action steps, you will find that despite how intimidating the goal is, you can work on it slowly but surely and thrive in the little successes of accomplishing one step after another. So, here’s to a healthier you!

Vandana Luthra founded VLCC in New Delhi, India as a beauty and slimming services centre in 1989. Today, it is widely recognized for its comprehensive portfolio of beauty and wellness products and services and also enjoys a high level of consumer trust. The VLCC Group's operations currently span 330 locations in over 150 cities and 14 countries across Asia and Africa.

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