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Sharjah Museums Department Celebrates Mid of Sha’ban

Sharjah Museums Department (SMD) organized collection of events in celebration of Mid of Sha’ban which is locally known as “Hag Al-leila”. Through its participation, SMD aims at preserving the heritage and instill values of originality in the children, as modern life with its technology and cultural development is abolishing many of the old traditions.

Sharjah Maritime Museum participated in the celebration by hosting a number of senior citizens from The Old People Home of Sharjah as well as; hosting the children of Sharjah Social Empowerment Foundation and Al-Thiqah Club for Handicapped. The children enjoyed the celebration and took part in different workshops held at the museum such as, handicrafts and free drawing, whereas old people enjoyed watching a video of diving. The celebration ended with a competition then, the employees of the museum distributed candies among the visitors. Al-Thiqah Club for Handicapped honored Sharjah Maritime Museum for all the efforts exerted.

Sharjah Aquarium provided an additional tour to the visitors to introduce them to the marine life of the UAE. The celebration of Sharjah Heritage Museum took place at Ajman City Centre by displaying a mannequin of woman and child wearing traditional costumes of “Hag Al-leila” in an arbor made from dried fronds. Workshops for children and competitions such as; a nut cracking competition were also available. Candy and nut bags were distributed at the end of the event.

Mid of Sha’ban is a special occasion celebrated by UAE community. On this occasion, families mix some nuts and candies in bags while children wander around neighborhood houses (Al-Fareej) singing traditional songs and holding special bags.

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