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Sharjah Charity International Conducts 1000 Cardiac Surgeries In Africa And Asia

Sharjah Charity International, SCI's, ''Small Hearts Campaign'' has conducted 1,000 open heart surgeries and catheterisation procedures since the initiative was launched in 2009.

A report issued by the SCI ahead of the World Heart Day on 29th September, showed that these operations were carried out through 29 campaigns - 19 in Asia and 10 in Africa.

The SCI cardiologists conducted 577 surgeries in Asia and 423 in Africa, the report said.

Created and led by the World Heart Federation, WHF, World Heart Day combats the rising of people with cardiovascular disease,CVD, and champion heart health equity.

The main aim of World Heart Day is to improve global heart health by encouraging people on lifestyle changes and gain knowledge about ways to be good to the heart.

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