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A Smart Guide On How To Maintain Your Car To Get The Maximum Resale Value

In today’s busy life a car is a necessity and an important part of our daily routine. From commuting to work to dropping off the kids at school, we use our cars every day. But more often than not, we don’t pay much attention to maintaining the car. So when the time comes to exchange or sell it, most sellers are usually in for a rude shock as the value of the car could be much lower than what was expected. This is why it is important to maintain your car and take it to be serviced regularly. Credible dealers in UAE like Carswitch can support you greatly in getting the best resale value for your car. Here are some tips how you can maintain your car and get the maximum resale value for your car.


Whether it is pre-owned cars in Sharjah or anywhere else in the world, the first thing a buyer usually asks about or checks is the mileage. Cars that have more mileage on them give the impression of having been used more and for a longer period and hence don’t command a great price. One of the ways of retaining your car’s value is using it for essential journeys only. If you’re planning a trip out of the city, try using a rental instead of your own vehicle. You can try and car pool to work, this works great on the environment and on your car.

New Tires

Other than the mileage, the outer appearance of your car is a major deciding factor on how much your car could go for. If your tires look worn out, the prospective buyer might overlook the car. Consider replacing your tires at some point before selling your car. Usually used car buyers are usually wary about buying used cars and they don’t want to deal with the additional hassle of spending time and money on replacing tires after they have bought the vehicle. There are thousands of cars for sale in Abu Dhabi and buyers have plenty of choices. Make sure your car looks good to fetch a good price.

Treat your car as an investment

Just as you would care for an investment, treat your car as one and care for it properly. While you cannot stop the depreciation on your car you can maximise the resale value on it by taking good care of it. Limit the number of people who drive your car. Maintain the speed and the way your drive it. Watch where you park your car and try and refrain from handing it over to hotel valet drivers who might drive it rashly or park in some haphazard manner.

Avoid smoking and eating in your car

The smells of food and smoke can linger on in the upholstery of your car. Smoking, other than being injurious to health, could also lead to cigarette burns in the seats or damage certain plastic parts. Eating in the car could lead to food stains on the upholstery which are very difficult to get rid of. No buyer will have a good impression of car that is smelly on the inside. This in turn affects the resale value of the car.

Service your vehicle

To ensure that your car runs smoothly, it is important to service it regularly. Routine services also take care of small every day running issues which may manifest into something larger at a later point in time. Keep a record of your service history as routine services show prospective buyers that the car has been cared for. Sometimes they may also be willing to pay a little more for it.

Careful storage

If you are travelling and not going to be using your car for some time, store your car carefully to avoid unnecessary damage to the car. Avoid leaving it outside as extreme weather can also lead to damage. The car’s paintwork and interiors can fade due to extreme sunlight and extreme cold weather can lead to engine damage.

Avoid wear and tear

Avoid excessive wear and tear as this affects the resale value of the car. Extreme driving like over speeding on poor roads, hard-braking and quick take-offs can lead to quick wear and tear of the car. Use the right products to clean your car. Washing it regularly will help remove salty deposits that can cause rust. Address minor issues like a cracked windshield or scratch immediately. If you have had any major repairs done on your car it is always better to be upfront about it to the buyer.

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