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4 Benefits Of Social Media Marketing

Since the advent of social media, marketers and advertisers alike have been aware of the power it possessed – the power to reach millions, even billions, of people in a matter of minutes. It’s no wonder then that social media marketing has taken over the world of advertising at an unprecedented rate. Here are some of the reasons why marketing on social media platforms have proved to be extremely effective for many businesses:

     1. Social media platforms help reach the target audience

Advertising on social media sites like Facebook allows businesses to target and retarget desired audiences based on the kind of business they want to attract. Platforms like Facebook and Instagram can be used to advertise products to specific people depending on various factors like gender, age, employment status, location and even the type of pages they like and share. This allows companies to market their products according to the likes and interests of their audience – increasing the probability of selling their products or pushing their deals.

     2. Social media marketing can prove to be very cost effective

Marketing via social media has proven to be quite a cheap and effective alternative to conventional modes of marketing. This is largely because inbound traffic can be increased quite significantly to a business’ page by developing creative and engaging content coupled with a strong business strategy. A statistical study by Hubpost suggests that almost 84% of marketers have found that they are able to increase traffic to their sites by dedicating just 6 hours of effort per week.

     3. Marketing through social media creates brand loyalty

Businesses who are able to create an active brand presence on various social media platforms have a better chance of engaging with their audience. Hence, social media becomes an area where brands can not only share content relating to their products and advertise them but also serve as a forum where customers can directly engage with the brand. This engagement leads to formation of strong customer relations and help maintain loyalty to the brand – by engaging in effective communication with the customers, brands can show that they value their customers not just as revenue but as individuals.

     4. Use of social media for marketing your business boosts Search Engine Rankings

Although a good search engine optimisation strategy is essential in improving a brand’s search engine rankings, a good social media presence can vastly influence a site’s page ranking in a search engine like Google. According to SEO Dubai, having a strong social media presence coupled with quality content that incorporates target keywords can indicate to search engines that the business is credible and can be trusted. Increasing inbound traffic through the use of creative content will result in the brand page to increase their ranking faster thus attracting more traffic.

Social media has become such an integral part of everyday life for a majority of people that marketing products to target audiences has become easier than ever before. Brands and businesses which can harness this power cleverly and resourcefully can reap unimaginable benefits, that also without requiring a lot of effort. In fact, social media has become such an important component of marketing that it is unusual to not find a business page on it. Such is its sway that many consider it akin to traditional media in the contemporary society.

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