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How High Schools In Dubai Can Help Cultivate Future Filmmakers

There's no denying that a lot of young people have dreams of breaking into the film industry as actors, screenwriters, and directors. This is one of the reasons why there's a growing number of universities in the world offering filmmaking courses.

On top of this, secondary schools have also been contributing to the dreams of future filmmakers. Apart from providing young students with a basic foundation for their movie-making goals through Applied Literature classes and other special programs, they also cater to the need of young people for fun and creative expression.

6 Ways Schools Encourage Filmmaking Dreams

Supporting young students' dreams of becoming filmmakers can be accomplished through various forms or methods. Listed below are the different ones that schools are using to reinforce or fuel the interest of students who want to get into the film industry.

1. Sponsoring exclusive movie premieres

Movie premieres are fantastic educational and social events that schools can host for the students and their families. Typically, the school works with pertinent school clubs and media teachers to organize this affair.

For school-sponsored movie premieres, schools typically book a luxury cinema in the area to accommodate the exclusive group of movie viewers. On top of that, they make sure to include other festivities in the event, such as a red carpet welcome, contests, and even a banquet before the film showing.

When it comes to a venue for such events, a boutique cinema in Dubai is a top pick for school-sponsored exclusive film premieres. It offers extensive services that allow schools to tailor a thoroughly fun affair.

2. Assigning indie film production projects

Stage plays have long been the production of choice for most schools. However, with the emergence of smartphones and compact filming devices, film productions are growing to become equally important school projects. Also, students take to producing their own short films for different classes.

To make filmmaking in high schools more exciting, in recent years, smartphone companies have worked with schools to host film competitions. They provided the technology, of course. Not only that, they also have to set the requirements for the films to be produced, as well as the prizes.

Some examples of the prizes are special filming equipment, invites to big film festivals, a chance to join a filmmaking camp, and even a scholarship to film school. All of these, obviously, can increase the young students’ love for the art.

Independent film projects present an excellent opportunity to explore the possibilities with "starter" technology for film, and to inspire the movie creation sensibilities of young students.

3. Starting a filmmaking club

Clubs have always been geared toward supporting the unique interests of students. In a way, they help young people discover their passions and pinpoint what they should pursue in college. This is an important reason why filmmaking clubs should definitely be present in school.

A filmmaking club can further cultivate an appreciation for the art. At the same time, it allows students to identify activities that can improve their know-how in movie-making and take part in them.

Best of all, a filmmaking club creates that special time for people with similar interests to get together, discuss discoveries, and share their enthusiasm with each other. It's a time and place of refuge for their passion.

4. Offering opportunities for further studies

It has become quite common for schools to create or look for opportunities for further studies. Private schools in Dubai, in particular, are deeply committed to delivering programs that can enrich students' knowledge through thoughtfully designed experiences.

From summer exchange programs to prestigious training camps, and even seminars or conferences, secondary schools look these up and offer these to reinforce the students’ desire to pursue specific fields of study, such as filmmaking.

Typically, there are requirements for students to meet in order to qualify for the program. These would either be top grades in media classes or participation in a particular project.

5. Holding school film festivals

With a filmmaking club and media classes, schools can put the knowledge of the students who are part of these groups to practice. The students can be tasked to organize and take charge of a school film festival.

A school film festival is one big umbrella of an event with different smaller events under it. There are film screenings, parties, panel discussions with important personalities in the film industry, workshops, exhibits, contests, and so much more.

Film festivals organized by schools give that select group of students a variety of valuable experiences that can help in their pursuit of a career in the film industry. At the same time, these events provide the rest of the school a unique event to enjoy.

Through the film festival, the same group of students get to showcase their producing, directing, acting, writing, set creating, and editing chops. Also, they get to dabble in promotions or press junkets, non-filmmaking activities that filmmakers participate in as well.

6. Making vlogging an assignment

This is considered an unconventional way to support filmmaker dreams. However, media classes these days use vlogging as an assignment to get students' feet wet in creating content that other people will watch.

It likewise serves as a means of developing confidence in filming because vlogging usually just covers the events of a day. It's more like reporting, really, but with better presentation. Vlogging teaches students to handle simple filming equipment well, and to learn and apply the essential details of creating aesthetically pleasing videos.

And when it comes to the details behind engaging vlogs, there are so many involved. You have lighting, video clips, graphic image insertions, subtitles, and background music, to name a few.

Appropriate Support Boosts Potential for Success

A school is a place where dreams take shape. Young people learn valuable lessons in all their classes to push them in the right direction.

It's crucial to mention as well that with the growth of digital technology and the power of the Internet, a lot of high schools these days can be more dynamic in supporting student's passions. It has become so much easier to offer a myriad of experiences and extraordinary learning opportunities in support of the filmmaking dreams of young people.

All these set a good foundation for students who wish to attend prestigious film schools (like New York University, Columbia University, and the University of California Berkeley), and establish a clear path for a filmmaking career.


Paul Fox is the Director of Roxy Cinemas under Meraas Group/DXB Entertainments. Roxy Cinemas currently has five Dubai locations: The Beach, La Mer, City Walk, Box Park, and Bollywood Parks.

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