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5 easy ways to get a better price for your used car

Of course good salesmen can help you get the best deals for your car, but that does not necessarily mean you cannot do it yourself. There are some simple rules to follow that can turn any average joe into a killer car salesman in no time. However, if you want to sell cars in Sharjah, you must consider a credible dealer such as Carswitch – they have a proficient team of engineers and valuers who will check and evaluate your vehicle and give you a precise quote worthy of your car in no time. And in this article, you’ll be told five such easy ways that will help you to quote your used car for a higher price.

Getting an appraisal is the first step: There are numerous companies that offer extensive appraisal report for any car, and that’s a must for any car seller. Why? Because, without a professional appraisal, you would never know what’s the worth of your car. It is not necessarily true that this appraisal would reflect the actual value of your car always, real-world deals can be different – but it’s a good enough to give you an idea on what should be your expectation out of this sale. Otherwise, you may only guess, which can be dramatically different in actual situations.

Get your car’s health checked: No matter if you’re selling your car to a dealer or a private buyer, it’s crucial to get it checked from top to bottom from a qualified technician. If you’re planning to sell it to a dealership, they will have it checked anyway – so it’s better to be prepared to avoid any nasty surprise. Only a professional will be able to tell you if there’s an issue with your car that needs to be fixed, and what could be the cost of the repair or replacement of a part if required. That way you will be able to estimate your car’s value better.

A car is all about first impression: Yes, that’s a bit exaggerated, there are many other vital things like performance, reliability, etc., but let’s admit it – a shiny car always turns heads. And a head-turner always fetches better value than the others. So before you take your vehicle to the dealership, give it a complete makeover. A complete makeover should include a thorough wash, good polishing and waxing. Most importantly, do not forget to take care of the inside too. A clean car from outside and a smelly one inside could completely  devalue the worth of the car.

Know the milestones of your car: A car’s milestones are measured by the miles run by the car. Between thirty thousand and forty thousand miles, a car crosses a period, where it might require a few parts to be replaced or repaired. It is also the time when the comprehensive insurance gets expired usually. The next major period comes at around sixty thousand miles where some more fixing might be required. The last significant number is when the car reaches hundred thousand miles. After that, a car can still be in very good condition depending on your driving style, maintenance, and many other factors. However, the resale value will be much lower. Hence, you might want to sell your car just before reaching those milestones in order to get it sold for a better rate.

Research about your car online: Before you set a certain price for your used vehicle, it would be wise to research on similar vehicles on various online car selling sites. Look for the same model and year, and see what other sellers are usually asking for their cars to get a real-world idea how much you should quote for your car.

These are just some simple tips for anyone who is thinking of selling their used cars. In case you want to sell cars in Abu Dhabi, you can drive your car to the nearest Carswitch dealer for a professional opinion for your car’s actual value.   

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