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Dh13,495,000 Proceeds Of Sharjah Police Public Auction On 50 Distinctive Number Plates

Proceeds of the distinctive car number plates public auction by Sharjah Police Headquarters in cooperation with Emirates Auction, the leading company in the field of management and organization of public and online auctions in the Middle East, at Al Jawaher Reception and Convention Centre on Saturday amounted to Dh13,495,000.

Plate ‘9’ of category ‘3’ topped the auction, sold for Dh3,610,000, followed by plate ‘16’ which brought back Dh1,200,000.

Around 50 plates of two, three, and four digits were offered in this auction, where plate ‘88’ came third by Dh1,030,000, followed by ‘25’ which is sold for Dh1,020,000, plate ‘343’ by Dh190,000, and plate ‘108’ by Dh170,000.

The event was held in the presence of HE Brig. General Dr. Ahmed Saeed Al Naour, Director-General of Central Operations at Sharjah Police, HE Abdullah Matar Al Mannai, Chairman and Managing Director of Emirates Auction, and officials from both sides.

Exciting atmosphere prevailed thanks to the tough competition among the bidders, the remarkable turnout, and most notably the proceeds of the auction and public satisfaction.

Serving the Community and Pleasing the Public

HE Brig. General Dr. Ahmed Saeed Al Naour congratulated all the winners in the auction, expressing Sharjah Police’s keenness on the continuity to organize such events and initiatives aiming to bolster the development process in the Emirate of Sharjah and advance community police services to the highest levels and according to best international practices.

Al Naour underlined that these efforts would serve the interest of the community in line with the vision of the wise leadership, noting that the auction came in response to the wishes of a large number of citizens and residents inside and outside the Emirate.

“Principles of transparency and equal opportunities are our goals at Sharjah Police and we are instilling these principles in all of our duties and services for community members,” he added.

Commending the auction in achieving its goals in terms of the good organization and management, Al Naour also lauded the outstanding success of Emirates Auction in organizing and managing the auction in a professional, transparent, and dynamic way aligned with Sharjah Police’s standards in serving its clients.

Remarkable Success

For his part, Omar Matar Al Mannai, executive director of Emirates Auction said: “We are glad that the event has achieved its set targets in terms of the heavy turnout, the exciting atmosphere, public satisfaction, and auction proceeds. It was tough but friendly competition on distinctive number plates.”

“Emirates Auction is committed to providing the best services for its clients and managing the most prestigious auctions as part of its keenness on organizing auctions that meet clients’ satisfaction, in cooperation with its strategic partners across the country and as per the highest international standards and practices,” Al Mannai emphasized.

He went on saying: “This auction is part of our collaboration and coordination with Sharjah Police, thanks to our solid strategic partnership and continued success, and our eagerness to please those wishing to acquire distinctive vehicle number plates.”

Concluding his remarks, Al Mannai pointed out the coming stage will be witnessing the organization of distinctive auctions for those who love to be unique, based on recent transparent, professional, and reliable bidding systems.

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