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Why cars have turned to be a necessity more than luxury

Car is no exception 

Owning a car in UAE is the new normal and it is treated as an unwritten rule. Mostly, every ex-pat is known to own a car here like it is a ritual. One of the reasons may be the limited public transport making it essential for the individuals to own a car of their own. Comparatively, cheaper prices often encourage the people to buy a used car for sale in Dubai and this is mostly implied to foreign nationals and as a benefit of living in a place where petrol isn’t expensive obviously makes the prices of the car goes lower as the militances charges would be decently affordable too. Here, owning a car can also be considered as a status symbol rather than a functional necessity respectively.

Everything under the same roof

There are plenty of pre-owned dealerships in Dubai. Many also offer the same sort of service warranty, insurance and financing that are usually accompanied by new car purchases including help with registration as well. However, those benefits do come with a price depending on the dealership. Dubai is also known to have auction houses where one can bid for their buy. One of the benefits of buying used cars for sale in Dubai from an auction house is that cars available there will have undergone a vehicle check already and it is also possible to register the vehicle there. The only negative side for buying a car in an auction house may be, there is no warranty included in the price.

It is very important to know what you are buying

The advertisements for used cars for sale in UAE are always tempting when it comes up in newspapers or social media platforms. However, one should be wise enough to verify the facts beforehand to avoid getting duped. It’s always advisable to purchase a pre-owned car from an authorized dealer to know the real status or the present condition of the car which you may be willing to buy, to verify if safety checks have been carried out and to make sure that the mileage hasn’t been altered. A car which has a mileage below 13000 km is considered being healthy. As an add-on, many dealers usually offer a warranty of 30000 km or one year with the purchase. If lucky, one may also get the first year’s insurance for free.

Friends and family can be your saviour

In the unfaithful times when we are in a dilemma and finding it difficult to find the right dealership, it’s always better to check with a friend or a family member. If they have purchased a car from a particular dealership in the past, they would definitely have an idea or an experience of their purchase. They can be the judge of the hour and with their words of praises or the opposite about the car they had brought, you can decide if the dealership is worth a visit. You never know what is there in store for you until you try and find it out yourself. Hence, after getting a positive review about the dealership from someone you trust, heading there for a quick check shouldn’t hurt.

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