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Abu Dhabi Catalyst Partners Announces Three Investments With Aggregate Capital Commitment Of $225 mn

Abu Dhabi Catalyst Partners today announced its initial three investments, further enhancing the UAE capital’s reputation as a leading international hub for finance and business. The three investments are in line with Abu Dhabi Catalyst Partners mandate to partner with top-tier investment firms and industry-leading businesses to realise commercial returns while building a sustainable business presence in Abu Dhabi. Abu Dhabi Catalyst Partners was established in April 2019 and provides firms an operational base in Abu Dhabi as the crossroad for those seeking to expand and bridge their global footprint across the Eastern and Western Hemispheres.

All three investments involve meaningful commitments to a physical presence in the UAE’s capital and under the jurisdiction of Abu Dhabi Global Market, ADGM, the financial center that gives businesses operating across all sectors access to substantial growth opportunities originating from Abu Dhabi. The investments were announced today in conjunction with the SALT Abu Dhabi conference.

The first investment is a strategic partnership with Avenue Capital Group, the New York-based global investment firm managing assets of more than US$10 billion across markets in the United States, Europe and Asia. Abu Dhabi Catalyst Partners has committed US$100 million to a new global private credit strategy that will be run by Avenue Capital Group from ADGM.

Commenting on the announcement, Guy Hurley, Chief Executive Officer of Abu Dhabi Catalyst Partners, said: "The ability of ADGM to attract an investment firm with the heritage and pedigree of Avenue Capital Group is a testament to the work undertaken over the last six years to build a best-in-class financial hub. It should also encourage other asset managers to set up in ADGM."

Marc Lasry, Chairman, Chief Executive Officer and Co-Founder of Avenue Capital Group, said: "Avenue Capital is excited to partner with Abu Dhabi Catalyst Partners as we develop a new global private credit strategy from our recently launched office in ADGM."

Abu Dhabi Catalyst Partners also announced a strategic partnership with Sirius Aviation Capital to invest in mid-life, single-aisle aircraft, which are currently on lease to airlines around the globe. Through a joint venture between both companies, Abu Dhabi Catalyst Partners has committed US$100 million to a new company, Sirius Aircraft Investments, which will be based in ADGM to leverage its close proximity to the rapidly growing aviation market in the GCC, Africa, Central and South East Asia.

Commenting on the partnership, Guy Hurley, added: "The world’s aircraft fleet is expected to more than double over 20 years from 22,680 in 2019 to 47,680 aircraft by 2038, so we see this as an excellent time to capitalise on the growing aviation market. This opportunity allows us to invest alongside Sirius Aviation Capital’s experienced team, while also diversifying ADGM’s focus across different sectors."

Howard Millar, Chief Executive Officer of Sirius Aviation Capital, said: "Sirius Aviation Capital and Abu Dhabi Catalyst Partners aim to grow Sirius Aviation Investments into a leading mid-life aircraft leaser. Through partnership and collaboration, supported by the first-class business infrastructure in Abu Dhabi, this new partnership is off to a strong start and we look forward to working together to achieve this ambition."

Finally, Abu Dhabi Catalyst Partners has invested US$25 million with Freedom Asset Management, an existing Abu Dhabi Global Market based wealth management company looking to expand its product range. Abu Dhabi Catalyst Partners will help fund Freedom Asset Management for growth capital.

The stability and security of Abu Dhabi, combined with the attractiveness of ADGM as a destination for HNWIs, private banking and wealth management services, makes it a natural home for Freedom Asset Management, a modern wealth manager looking to expand its range of innovative products and services to benefit clients.

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