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All Products In UAE Markets Are In Compliance With National And GCC Standards: ESMA

The Emirates Authority for Standardisation and Metrology, ESMA, has affirmed that all locally manufactured or imported products sold in the UAE markets are in compliance with the accredited national and GCC standards and are subject to the Emirates Quality Mark, EQM, the country's comprehensive quality system for ensuring products conformity to specifications and for fulfilling consumers' rights.

In a statement issued today, ESMA clarified rules for auditing and controlling manufacturing in the country, including products manufactured for export to GCC states and some foreign countries. It said that some products may be subject to the regulations, specifications, standards and procedures of importing countries but always in accordance with the standard specifications.

According to the statement, the production lines of several factories operating in the country belong to major international brands, and production and manufacturing operations are carried out according to high controls, standards and specifications.

ESMA said it is closely following up on social media allegations regarding some products and called on the public to ensure accuracy of information and to contact the regulatory authorities for any inquiries or complaints.

ESMA also clarified that the UAE specifications and relevant regulations ensure that production are in conformity with the highest quality standards and that such products meet consumers' expectations in terms of materials used, functions, packing, storage and display.

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