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Sharjah Archaeology Authority To Host "Archaeology 46" Awareness Campaign

At a press conference held on Sunday, officials announced the "Archaeology 46," campaign, will be held from February 12- March 28

Sharjah Archaeology Authority (SAA), will be hosting their first ever awareness campaign starting this week. At a press conference held on Sunday, officials announced the “Archaeology 46,” campaign, will be held from February 12- March 28, to highlight the importance of protecting the archaeological and material heritage of the Emirate of Sharjah.

The press conference was attended by HE Dr Sabah Abboud Jassim, Director General of the Sharjah Archaeology Authority, by Eisa Yousif, Director of the Excavation and Archaeological Sites and tangible heritage at the Authority, Asma Al Suwaidi, General Supervisor of the “Archaeology 46” campaign, and a number of the authority’s employees, interested in archaeology and archaeological heritage material and history, along with representatives of the Arab and foreign media.

The campaign seeks to acknowledge the contribution of the local community in preserving the archaeological and material heritage, their protection of archaeological findings, and their effective contribution in reviving historical areas. By doing so the aim is to educate UAE nationals and residents to contribute in building and enhancing the emirate’s vast civilization.

Dr Sabah Abboud Jassim, said, “We are delighted to be rolling out such a campaign for the very first time. We believe that through the various activities organized during the campaign, we will be successful in creating a strong awareness of the historical importance of the Emirate, will educate the various segments of society, raise awareness and enhance their attachment to the local archaeological heritage of the emirate.”

The campaign will last for over a month and will include 12 main programs, 50 activities and three initiatives. As part of this initiative, a program to educate students on the significance of the emirate’s archaeological heritage will be held across several educational institutions in Sharjah. A special programs to raise awareness among the media personals about the emirate’s archaeological heritage will also be held.

A special archaeological program will be hosted for visitors and tourists, involving tours to the various sites, including a visit to the site of Meleha, Kalba fort and Al Murejjah historic area among many others. An “archaeological heritage protectors" programme, to recognize and appreciate contributions the local community has made in protecting the archaeological and material heritage of the emirate. This particular program will recognize all the local figures who have contributed in preserving the material heritage of the emirate.

Programs will also be organized at several local government institutions and across new stations in the emirate. A photography competitions targeting professional and amateur photographers of the local community along with residents will be held at the Meleha archaeological site.

A program highlighting Sharjah’s efforts in the field of world heritage titled "The efforts to register Sharjah archaeological sites in the World Heritage List- the File of the Archaeological Scene in the Central Area,” will be organized  to educate all sections of the society. Attendees can also get involved in the Sharjah archaeology record program, which will highlight the activities of the archaeology missions since the early 1970’s.

By organizing this campaign SAA seeks to educate on various aspects regarding the preservation of the local archaeological heritage components, to align with the values and stature of the Emirate of Sharjah. By doing so they wish to apply a systematic work approach, in accordance with the latest international practices and pioneering standards, to ensure sustainability in preserving archaeological heritage and to preserve the rights of future generations to know it.

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