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Multi-Cultural Community In Sharjah Joins Pink Knights Of Hope

The Emirate of Sharjah displayed a strong community spirit as residents, citizens, young professionals and students united to lend their "pink spirit" to the 10th edition of the Pink Caravan Ride, PCR, as the pan-UAE breast awareness delivered a second day of campaigning on Thursday, in the emirate.

The view on the streets of Sharjah was an affirmation of the success of the campaign’s efforts to bring the UAE community together and advocate for the importance of awareness, regular screenings and early detection. The second day of the ride was flagged off at the Sharjah Chamber of Commerce and Industry, SCCI, with 11 young equines leading the pink brigade. Among them were six volunteers representing Sajaya Young Ladies of Sharjah, SYL. As the pink convoy progressed from one stop to another, the number of crusaders on foot kept growing.

By the time the ride headed towards its fifth stop, from the Supreme Council for Family Affairs to Souq Al Jubail, more than 400 volunteers including 200 from Sharjah Children, 130 Sharjah Police Academy cadets, 50 young members of Sharjah Girl Guides, seven Medcare Hospital volunteers, members of the Sharjah Police who also marked 10 department vehicles with PCR branding and "10" number plates, and members of the Sharjah community of all nationalities and age groups had joined the pink knights of hope.

Meanwhile, on the PCR’s medical route in Sharjah and across the seven emirates, there was a steady stream of people walking in for their free medical consultations. On day 2, the PCR consulted with 902 people, including 201 men and 701 women, of which 23 people were refereed for a mammogram, and six for an ultrasound.

"When we started we were barely 50 individuals. It has been 10 years of believing in a beautiful message, which the nation is behind today. The tenth edition of the PCR has been very emotional for us, starting at the opening ceremony," said Reem BinKaram, Head of the PCR’s Higher Steering Committee, adding "we are so proud that it has been 10 years of believing in a beautiful message and sending it across to the entire nation, seeing the results we have gathered in the past few years – how many lives we have touched, how many we have managed to save and how many more we have engaged. When we started we were barely 50 individuals, today we are more than 300."

"We are looking forward to the next decade and that is why we say, ‘plenty is not enough’, and every individual who is part of this campaign is united by the shared spirit of community service. The 130 cadets, for example, who walked with us today are next-generation fathers who will carry PCR’s message to their homes and society – it is important that our message gets across to them," BinKaram added.

"We are leaving Sharjah with a big bang and will start Dubai with a huge splash," she said expressing excitement about the upcoming legs of the PCR 2020 journey.

On Friday, the pink equine travelled 5 kilometres, from DIFC Gate Avenue to the Dubai Boulevard, between 10:00 and 11:00.

The Pink Caravan Ride will conduct a second day of campaigning in Dubai on Saturday, 29th February. The PCR’s tenth edition will continue until 6th March, 2020, travelling around the seven emirates, accompanied by 30 fixed and mobile medical clinics that will offer free early detection screenings and consultations for all community segments throughout the 10-day tour.

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