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Everything You Need To Know As An Investor Looking For UK Property

The UK property market is very complicated, and there are many things you need to know going into an investment venture, or becoming an investor for the first time. UK property investment can be a highly lucrative and profitable choice if you know how to do your research beforehand, and get clued up on the whole sector as a whole. Only those savvy investors who know the market like the back of their hand can truly become successful. This is because learning from previous successful investors and their journeys can be hugely beneficial and allow us to devise an effective strategy.

Below are some top tips for everything you need to know as an investor looking at UK property. Ensure you feel confident with your choices before going forward, and you'll be soon on your way to success.

Do your research

Every successful investor does their research and ensures they know everything possible before investing. This applies to every country you invest in, but especially UK property if you've never ventured into this area before. It can be challenging to know the ins and outs of a market that you're not familiar with, but having some information and guidance around the property investment sector should give you confidence in your purchase. Plus, investing in property can be a huge commitment that requires a large upfront payment, meaning you need to know it's definitely the right thing for you.

Ensure there is a demand

Choosing a property type can be difficult; you may want to consider your budget and what sort of property you can afford as a first step. Demand means there is a significant want from potential tenants to live in your property or for someone to purchase the property after you've renovated it. Without demand, you won't make any money from your property, either long or short-term. There is a high demand for city-centre apartments by young professionals starting out their career in a new city and also students wanting to be close to their university campus. However, moving away from this city-centre living, you may want to consider the demand for homes in your local area for young families wishing somewhere relatively cheap to live. What's important to know is that, if there's a demand for it, then you should be fine in the property sector.

Only choose high-performing postcodes

Any investor looking towards buy to let property as their venture will want to consider how well certain postcodes perform. According to the Totally Money buy to let yield map, cities such as Liverpool, Glasgow and Leicester all provide average rental yields of 8% or higher, with Liverpool (L1) being the highest in the country at 10%. Evidence like this is backed up by property experts who agree that Liverpool is a stronghold city for investors across the globe. RWinvest suggests investors look towards Northern cities including Sheffield, Manchester and Liverpool for their investment venture since they will reap the financial rewards of buy to let property. In their guides, they highlight how there has been a huge shift in investing from London to Northern cities as investors see them as more rewarding due to demand, property prices and rental prices.

Work with reputable companies and developers

As an investor wanting to make money and reap multiple investment rewards, you need to ensure you’re always working with reputable companies and developers who are going to provide the best service. Working with reputable companies for off-plan developments means you don’t have to worry about losing money or your time! Be sure to conduct due diligence on any company before handing over your money and exchanging on a property to ensure you’re not putting yourself at risk.

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