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Ma’an Launches New Food Support Scheme For Abu Dhabi Residents Affected By Loss Of Income

The Authority of Social Contribution – Ma’an has announced it has started working to provide a new food support scheme in Abu Dhabi for people whose income has been affected by the current health and economic situation.

Individuals, couples or families most affected and those who meet the conditions can apply for support if their income is not enough to meet basic requirements and they are either a UAE citizen or resident living in Abu Dhabi, the Authority said in a statement today.

Working in partnership with Abu Dhabi Social Support Authority, eligible applicants will be provided with baskets of high quality, nutritious and healthy essential food and kitchen cupboard items including rice, pasta, dates, beans, tea, jam and noodles. For those with young children, baby supplies will also be provided.

The food baskets are being paid for by the contributions made to Ma’an’s ‘Together We Are Good’ programme.

Around 100,000 baskets will be provided to the most affected population in Abu Dhabi, with applications opening on 19th April through the Together We Are Good website in coordination with Abu Dhabi Social Support Authority, until the end of April. Applicants will be asked to fill in a form and provide documentation proving income and expenses.

To obtain this temporary support and for urgent cases, applicants must be resident in the Emirate of Abu Dhabi, have lost some or all of their income temporarily (through unpaid leave, for example), and have not previously received support from any other government agency. The support will run every month for three months, and will be dependent on the number of family members.

Deliveries of the food baskets will begin from 1st May, with items sourced from local supermarket suppliers, Lulu Coop, Abu Dhabi Coop and Al Ain Coop. The Authority of Social Contribution – Ma’an will bear the cost of the food baskets through the financial contributions received via its ‘Together we are Good’ programme.

Salama Al Ameemi, Director General of Ma’an, said, "Our community has pulled together in an unprecedented way this last month to respond to the current health and economic challenges that are impacting not only Abu Dhabi, but the rest of the world.

"Together We Are Good and Ma’an has been the channel for those generous contributions from Abu Dhabi’s community and these food baskets are just one of the many ways that people’s contributions are helping to ease the situation for affected individuals.

"By working together, we will ensure that the most vulnerable in our community receive the support they need during this period. I encourage people to come forward and apply through our website. I also continue to urge the community to consider how they can contribute to ‘Together We Are Good’ - each contribution is highly valued and appreciated and is having a direct impact on the lives of people in our community."

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