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A Checklist Of Considerations Before Buying A Pendant Light

Lighting accessories never go out of style. The usage of pendant lighting  is not only confined to kitchen island now, different types of pendants are now are adorned over dining counters, living rooms, foyers, hallways, work stations and even over the side tables in the bedrooms.

Modern lights are extremely pleasant on eyes, really easy to install and changes the look of any living space by elevating the décor of any interior.  Though pendants are extremely attractive and practical but still there are certain considerations one has to keep in mind before choosing a pendant for your home.

Knowing what your interior depicts

For choosing what type of pendant will suit your interior the most, you must consider the theme of your interior first.  Most of the people have their homes decorated according three interior styles:  modern or contemporary, vintage or traditional and mixed or transitional. The pendants are also designed to match these interior themes. Having an idea of what your interior layout is, helps in choosing the best possible pendant that complements and uplifts the whole decor scheme.

Choosing the right material, colour and shapes according to the interior

For creating an exquisite style statement, you have to consider what kind of material, colours and shapes will go the best with rest of the décor. There are certain materials which are classic and complements all types of interiors like glass or crystal. You can choose pendants made of wood, spun metal, plastic or cloth by keeping in mind that what material furniture or other decorative artifices of your living space are made of.

You should also consider the shape of furnishing for choosing the right complementary shapes of pendants which going to get installed in certain space. If the furnishing has curvy shape, the round or spherical pendants will match the interior best and in case the furnishing items are boxy then edgy and square shaped pendants will suit the décor scheme.

Same goes with choosing the colours. The contemporary and modern interiors with trendy and experimental décor ask for more funky and glistening colours while more grounded and rocky colours go best along rustic and traditional interior schemes. The transitional interior decors are open to both types of colours. Add in some matching floor lamps and table lamps to add character to your interiors.

Choosing the right length and size of the pendants

The size and length of the pendant is decided by comparing it with the size of the living space and the length of the ceiling. A pendant that is too big for a small room gives a stuffy and occupied look while small pendant in an enormous living space just goes unnoticed. Try balancing the size of a pendant and how down a pendant hangs with the size and height of the room and ceiling.

There are certain other options for a more stylish embellishment of living spaces with pendants like setting up several pendants (in the odd count) having different hanging lengths over kitchen islands or dining and conference tables and swapping the dull chandeliers by clustering pendants in a multi-port canopy in hallways or living areas. Just be sure to create a harmony among the sizing and hanging of pendants by choosing right size and adjusting their heights.

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