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Naya Clinics Offers Virtual Relationship Counselling To Clients Worldwide - Pre, During And Post Covid

The Covid-19 pandemic has so far brought society countless challenges, from economic depression to the widespread loss of human lives to rising global tensions, but on a more personal level it will also present great challenges within our most intimate relationships: those with our partners.

Early on in the pandemic it was reported that in the Chinese city of Xi’an there was a spike in divorce applications and that trend has since spread worldwide. The internet is currently awash with articles like “How to stay married during Covid” and “Why Covid will inevitably lead to breakups”, and psychologists are predicting that there will be a huge uptake in the delivery of clinical mental health and psychological services over the coming months, especially in terms of marriage counselling and couples counselling.

But given social distancing measures and the virtual shutdown of society worldwide, how can couples access the treatment and services they desperately need to work through these challenging times? Online therapy, thankfully, was around even prior to Covid-19 and provides couples with a safe means of addressing marital or relationship issues while not compromising their own health.

Naya Clinics is a globally renowned therapy and life coaching services provider recognised for pioneering Positive Existential Therapy (PET), an innovative and avant-garde counseling approach that effectively deals with challenges that aren’t fully responsive to outdated counseling techniques like cognitive behavioural therapy (CBT). With clinics and highly reputed counsellors located across North America and the Middle East, including Naya Clinics in Dubai and Naya Clinics in Florida, California and Phoenix, Naya Clinics has already been offering online therapy for several years now due to high demand by clients who wish to remain anonymous, clients who are too busy to physically attend a session in person, or clients who are simply seeking the ease and convenience of digital therapy sessions.

With online counseling services ranging from individual counseling, trauma counseling, stress counseling, depression and more, Naya Clinics utilises techniques that are constantly updated and that aim to remove critical barriers within relationships, including negative criticism, defensiveness and contempt for one’s partner.

Naya Clinics founder Sam Nabil believes that no matter what the medium of communication - be it online or in person - he and his highly esteemed colleagues can help couples work through their problems by strengthening the communication mechanisms in use.

“Happy couples have one thing in common: they have a much higher ratio of positive to negative interactions on a day to day basis,” he explains. “That may seem like common sense, but if you take a closer look at your interactions with your significant other, is that the case for your relationship?

We show couples how to radically improve the ratio of their positive interactions and use that as building blocks for a satisfying and fulfilling relationship. After all, the process to healing or improving a relationship is worth the development of more fulfilling connection and intimacy - every time.”

Sam’s PET approach combines unique elements from positive psychology and Existential psychotherapy to deliver short and long term couples' therapy. Convinced that the CBT approach promoted by his counselling school professors was both highly impersonal in nature and ultimately ineffective for couples, Sam has since mastered his own approach to helping couples and individuals work through their problems. Recognised as the top rated counseling and life coaching private practice in not only Ohio but many US states, it would appear that approach works.

“Sam's team is made up of therapists who do what they do because they genuinely care about mental health and are passionate about their practice,” said client Leah Sirrachi from Cincinnati, Ohio. “Patients want and need a genuine and trusting connection with their counselors and Sam's practice offers just that.”

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