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5 Simple Steps to Finding the Best Photographer for Your Destination Wedding

No words can describe  the  moment when the groom first sees his bride.

That  symbolic first kiss.

The romantic dance with the  sun setting in the background.

These are just a few of the most memorable scenes in a wedding that you would certainly not want to miss.

So, wouldn’t it be great if you can have these priceless  moments captured on camera?

Special Moments Frozen in Time

When you want to preserve your precious wedding memories, then it is ideal that you hire a professional wedding photographer. You would want to entrust the coverage of your special day in the hands of an experienced master of the lens. With an expert photographer present during your wedding day, you can rest assured that all the priceless memories will be preserved in the photo. From the detailed shots to the candid moments, each one is captured with every precise click.

Weddings can both be exciting and exhausting. You will need to carefully plan the details if you want to walk down the aisle wearing a relaxed and blissful smile. Destination weddings can even be more demanding. Not only will you need to deal with the nitty-gritty in your own turf, but you also have to take care of things in another city or country.

To make the wedding preparations much easier, it would greatly help if you can get some professional assistance. To avoid being Bride or Groomzillas, it’s ideal to have a trained wedding organizer, an expert wedding dress consultant, and other reputable third-party suppliers who can contribute to the smooth flow and success of the matrimonial celebration.

One of the many valuable investments that you can have for your wedding is a professional wedding photographer. Without one, your memories of the day may only be revisited through blurry photos from your friends’ phone cameras or some washed-out snapshot from a cousin’s digicam.

If you really want to treasure the events of your wedding, then it is crucial that you find a professional photographer. Their skills and experience result in amazing photographs that really capture the essence of such a significant occasion. They not only think about how sweet the moments are but also take into consideration technicalities such as the angles, exposure, depth of field, lighting, and the like.

If you want to find the right one, here are some simple steps on how to arrive at choosing the best photographer for your destination wedding:

1.        Know What You Want

First of all, ask yourselves what you want. Both the bride and groom must agree on what look they want for their wedding. Even if it’s already a destination wedding, you may still have a more specific theme or concept that you want to cascade down to how your photos are taken.

This is important so you can be clear with the styles that you want or the feelings that you want your photos to evoke. It will also help when you need to make decisions regarding your onsite photo slideshow or photo album.

2.        Set A Budget

Cheaper may not necessarily be better. When it comes to choosing your wedding photographer, it is best to look at the skills and proficiency first before the price. Of course, you will still need to put careful thought and discussion as to your photography services budget.

Ask yourselves how much are you willing to invest to get clear and compelling photos? Will you spend for additional photo and video services? Can you still spring for add-ons or do you want to stick to a basic photography package?

3.        Research and Shortlist

Do research. This will help you in making a decision. There are plenty of photographers out there but there is only one who will meet all of your criteria.

Photographers distinguish themselves with their own personal styles. There are those who are dark and moody, some fun and quirky, while others are very technical or traditional. Scour online communities, visit photography studios, read reviews, or ask for recommendations from trusted friends or family. Doing these things will help you come up with a shortlist of likely candidates.

4.        Set a Meeting

After you have drawn your shortlist, then it is time to schedule a meeting. Face-to-face meetings would be ideal but should circumstances not permit it, then a video call may suffice. What is important is that you get to verbally discuss and talk about the wedding.

A meeting is a good gauge if you and the photographer have rapport. You may like his portfolio but there may be a possibility that your personalities may not click. Chemistry is important between the couple and the photographer because it helps make both parties at ease. It’s easier to smile at the camera when you like the person behind it.

Meeting the photographer is also important because that’s when you discuss the details and ask questions. Does he do destination weddings? Will there be an extra cost? Will you be shouldering transportation, accommodation, and food costs? All other arrangements must be discussed and clarified so you can make a more informed decision.

5.        Check the Fine Print

When you have finally decided on whom to pick as the photographer, make sure to read the contract. Go through each and everyone so both parties are clear on the terms and conditions.

It is best not to choose a photographer who only agrees to verbal agreements. You do not want to get stood up on your wedding day.

Weddings to Remember

If you want your special moments captured as clearly and as thoughtfully as possible, then seek the services of a professional wedding photographer. Every click and every shot will surely be taken with precision, skill, and that special X factor that brings photographs to life.


American artist Shea Winter Roggio is a documentary and fine art photographer living in Dubai, UAE. Shea Winter Photography LLC provides documentary, editorial and commercial photography services, along with video, television and film production services, and retails photographic souvenirs such as fine art prints, canvas and frames.

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