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5 Ways To Increase Your Coffee Shop Sales

Putting up your own coffee shop can be a lucrative endeavor. People are always looking for both classic and unique beverages and snacks to enjoy and help them get through their daily routine.

In reality, though, running a café is not all that easy. Like any other business venture, it can struggle during economic downturns and under poor management.

However, it is safe to say that coffee certainly won’t be going out of style anytime soon. Coffee will always be available as long as farmers cultivate coffee beans and there are coffee lovers who simply cannot get enough of all the flavors and preparations of this beloved drink. Besides, there are many health benefits to be had from coffee, including improved physical performance, significant weight loss, and enhanced focus and alertness.

There are different ways that cafés can become financially stable and enjoy good returns on investment. By taking up barista classes in the UAE and across the world, for instance, you can gain the right knowledge, skills and techniques to run your coffee shop efficiently.

Read further to learn the five best ways to grow your budding coffee business and achieve success in the industry.

 1. Prioritize quality

The quality of your product should be your priority. Serve only the best espresso and other coffee variants. This means using only high-quality coffee beans and purchasing the proper equipment.

It would be best to inform your consumers why your café is unique. If you are getting your supplies from a particular farm using sustainable growing practices or if there is something that makes you extraordinary, ensure that you tell everyone about it. And don’t forget to educate your staff about it, too, so they can tell your brand’s story and reinforce what makes your shop unique whenever they interact with your clients.

 2. Upgrade your knowledge and skill

You must know the latest trends and developments in the coffee industry, from the beans to the brewing process. Attending ICCA coffee training courses, for instance, is an excellent way to improve your current knowledge and skill. These courses will teach you essential barista skills, ranging from coffee history and vital information from bean to cup to the different brewing processes. It also includes ways to manage your shop efficiently and provide excellent customer service.

 3. Expand your menu

Adding more beverages and snacks to your menu can boost your sales. For instance, add sandwiches, salads, soups, wraps, sweet cakes, and other dishes. You can also offer specialty products that cater to people with specific dietary needs, like vegan and gluten-free products. An assorted offering can attract a diverse group of customers.

You can also add beer or wine to your menu, especially if your shop is open in the evening. This will give your business a boost during hours when you expect to see less traffic.

 4. Start a reward or loyalty program

Most entrepreneurs are afraid of starting a loyalty program because they think this is not a lucrative move. However, established shops say that rewards programs made their enterprises more profitable. Catering to loyal repeat customers can be enough to make your business financially sustainable.

Moreover, you can also offer discounts for larger purchases or if customers add food to their drinks. You will most likely generate more income with a program that rewards large and frequent purchases compared to simply asking for money upfront.

5. Host relevant and exciting events

If there is enough room in your shop for events like game nights, poetry readings, and live music, consider hosting them regularly. Hire a professional event MC each time you launch a new product to make your event more exciting and engaging. An experienced presenter knows how to promote products and services in a way that effectively attracts potential clients.

Furthermore, you can contact musicians and organizers of different clubs to see if they want to use your café as their venue. Designate a space for local artists, too, where they can display and sell their works of art. This way, more people will come over to your place to enjoy music and check out the artists’ works, as well as to try out your coffee and other products.

There is no specific formula or secret to running a lucrative coffee shop. Your success boils down to extensive knowledge and skill, experience, hard work, and/or luck. Thus, be aware of all the latest updates about the coffee industry, serve only the best-quality products, and provide superb customer service to keep your customers coming back for more. 


Shanaaz Raja is the Course Director at International Centre for Culinary Arts - ICCA Dubai.

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