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5 Tips On Upgrading The Way You Dress And Being Happy With Your Personal Style

Most people feel like the ideal time to make personal changes is the start of a new year. But honestly, the best time for any kind of makeover or update is when you feel it's most necessary.

So, if you have been feeling a little drab in your outfits and looking great is becoming a tougher challenge every day, implement some changes.

This shouldn't be too difficult to do. But to make this even easier, here are five tips that you can use to maximize your wardrobe items and reinvigorate your style.

1. Take in as much inspiration as possible.

Look for styling influences online whose way of dressing up appeals to and is comfortable for you. Visit Pinterest and Instagram for inspiration because you will find a lot of everyday people with fabulous style you can take ideas from. Do take note of the clothing styles in TV programs and movies. You'll likely find characters with outfits you like, which also fit your style vision.

In a way, these fashionable people in social media and film are better than models in fashion magazine spreads because they come in different shapes and sizes. Plus, their clothes are not entirely high-end designer picks.

Collect images of all these, and most assuredly, you'll find commonalities — similar pieces styled in various ways, or colors that you find flattering. This will allow you to dissect the styles and understand what you genuinely want your outfits to be.

2. Learn your color season.

If you are thinking of shopping for more clothes to include in your wardrobe, take the time to determine your seasonal color. Seasonal color analysis is a color theory that takes into consideration the coloring and undertone of your eyes, hair, and skin.

The combination and the lightness and darkness of these factors put you in a specific season with particular colors that can enhance your features beautifully. For example, if you are of African descent, but your features are more like Alek Wek than Iman, seasonal color analysis suggests that you're a clear winter instead of deep autumn, which Iman is.

Seasonal color analysis is a bit confusing at first. Still, it's fascinating to learn, especially if you want to invest in really stylish pieces, such as a colorful modern abaya or a long, formal evening dress. Getting such items in the most flattering colors will provide you with countless fashion possibilities that look exceptionally great on you.

3. Focus on the fit.

One of the best tips for making clothes look good on you is to focus on the fit. For this, turn to a tailor for much-needed nips and tucks for loose and boxy clothing. Every professional stylist will tell you that a perfectly fitted outfit can do wonders for your silhouette and automatically make you look 10 pounds lighter.

Another way to improve the fit of your outfits is to pay attention to proportion. Control the bulk of big tops by tucking them into your pants or skirt. Make your body look longer by opting for a shorter jacket.

Also, if you're petite and want to create the illusion of longer legs, create a more balanced visual line by tucking tops and opting for high-waisted bottoms. Pay attention to the crop as well; you want cuts to show off your narrow points.

4. Avoid a color extravaganza most of the time.

You may be a lover of color, which is fantastic, but if you want a more professional and polished style to be taken seriously, especially at work, it's best to wear a maximum of just three colors.

Designers of corporate wear say that three colors are the perfect amount of variety for a chic style. One of the best ways to pull this off is by wearing two neutrals and one accent color.

5. Invest in high-quality classic pieces.

Every wardrobe should have classic pieces such as silk blouses, structured blazers, a black pleated midi skirt, and a little black or white dress. These are comfortable clothes you can wear any time of the year, to any occasion or destination.

The best of these classic items are usually quite expensive, though, especially if they're designer brands and made with materials that can last a long time. Splurge on these because you're sure to get amazing functional and fashionable mileage from them.

If your budget, however, prevents you from doing so, take advantage of a "buy now, pay later" program. This provision will allow you to purchase expensive clothes from high-end brands because the retail price is divided into four payment dates. This facility allows you to work the installments into your budget comfortably.

These tips are all about directing your attention to what truly matters: smart pieces and easy styling wisdom that take your outfits to the next level. These are things that you have full control of and make you look like you thoroughly understand what you love and what works incredibly well for you.

Author Bio

Ethiopian-born and Dubai-based fashion designer Feiruza Mudessir discovered her curiosity to mix the traditional with contemporary at a young age, and this has become the trademark of her designs for Finchitua today. With her unique style standpoint, she served the VIP Color Forecast Panel 2017 for Al Jazeera Paints Company and VIP Color Forecast Panel 2019 for Asian Paints Berger. Ms. Mudessir is a shortlisted nominee for the prestigious Fashion Scout London 2018.

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