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Presidents Voice Concern Over Trump’s Covid-19 Infection

The coronavirus is a plague that has crippled the whole world. The whole world was forced to shut down and live in isolation and quarantine. Oddly, a world that once believed in united we stand and divided we fall quickly had to change that notion to divided we live and united we die. And now, when the world was just in the recovery phase with the belief that everything was about to be okay, another blow was suddenly thrown as the president of the United States of America became a victim of the deadly virus.

President Trump and First Lady Test Positive for Covid-19

On the early hours of the 2nd of Septemberduringthe election hustle and bustle news suddenly circulated that Mr Donal Trump and the First Lady Melanie Trump had tested positive for the deadly coronavirus. The news was shocking that we are sure even those who were in the middle of playing online casino games such as real money online roulette suddenly stopped to investigate further on the matter.

As the news spread all over social media, there were mixed reactions among the population. Somewhere sad and voiced concerned while others sneered and jeered.

Leaders from other places in the world voiced concern about Trump's condition. Not that he was the first leader to be infected, as the Prime Minister of Britain Mr Boris Johnson was also a victim of the virus a swell as President Jair Bolsonaro of Brazil.

Themain reason why many presidents and leader are more concerned over the fact the Trump has contracted the virus is because of his age, at 74 years of age he is older and much more vulnerable. Also, because of his position, there could be a ripple effect should things go the wrong way as he is the leader of one of the most powerful nations in the world.

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