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UAE’s Successful Pandemic Approach

Over the course of the year we’ve seen a number of different approaches to handling the ongoing pandemic with some being much more successful than others – whilst the global approach for some factors particularly within mask wearing and social distancing, the approach has been much more successful for some where others have had a bit of a harder time. This has become much more important in recent weeks too as it appears a second wave of the pandemic is underway, Europe has started to encourage lockdowns in high risk areas and numbers in the US continue to rise – but some have had a much more successful approach.

The approach taken by the UAE however has been quite successful compared to some others, particularly those big tourism destinations that have since had numbers rise much higher – figures released yesterday continue to remain low, often only being beaten out by those who have had lower cases throughout or those with much stricter restrictions. This has also allowed for many changes to the day to day and ability to host certain events too – the biggest has been seen within the combat sports industry as the UFC has been able to take place on Yas Island in Abu Dhabi with the first of the big events taking place back in July where the majority of other options were still closed and unavailable for big organisations – the successes her largely in part to the UAE’s pandemic response has crowned Yas Island as the ‘new home’ for the UFC too – and serves of one example where an early recovery was found in places it may not have otherwise been available.

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There has been a shift in approach for many too as online platforms have provided the primary entertainment for most during the pandemic period which has led to a huge increase in certain online services – with the return of sporting events sports betting has certainly been one of the more popular activities, especially in events local such as the UFC moving to the UAE with some of the favourite fighters being a huge draw, despite adjustments to online regulation such as Gamstop other sites and genres have seen similar growth too, here is a list of sites not blocked by gamstop that many have taken advantage of during this period of time for example.

It’s unlikely that any big changes will be seen over the holiday period, but for many parts of the UAE there is a huge reliance on the tourism industry which has been hit hard over the recent months, if some stabilisation and management can be found and continued much in the way that it has then there’s no reason a full recovery won’t be seen heading in to the new year, and with this year showing how long and hot the summers have become, the tourism season throughout the UAE has certainly been extended in recent years and will continue to be of huge benefit once the pandemic slows or ends.

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