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SLC Hosts Online Educational Talks To Enhance Youth’s Skills And Ensure Optimal Implementation Of Legislation

Law students of the most prestigious universities in the UAE participated today (23 November 2020) in online training programmes and educational talks staged as part of the ongoing Legislative Week 2020. Organized by the General Secretariat of the Supreme Legislation Committee in the Emirate of Dubai (SLC), this year’s online Legislative Week is themed ‘Legislative Agility for Achieving Viability’. The first day of the two-day online educational talks attracted participants from the United Arab Emirates University, Imam Malik College of Sharia and Law, Dubai Police Academy, and Al Ain University of Science and Technology, among others. The sessions reflect the General Secretariat’s commitment to promote optimal investment in qualified legal professionals with a view to ensuring proper implementation of legislation and supporting Dubai’s development objectives.

Aisha Abdullah Al Madhani, Senior Legal Officer and Head of the Coordination and Follow-up Section lectured and facilitated the extensive discussions during the first educational talk titled ‘Mortgage of Movable Assets without the Mortgagee Being Given Actual Possession.’ The session looked into the nature and importance of this type of mortgage and how it differs from other similar legal concepts such as pledge and mortgage.

The participating students learned about the scope of application and provisions of Federal Law No. (4) of 2020 Concerning Securing Interest on Movable Property and the property to which this Law does not apply. This law, a milestone in the efforts to achieve legal and legislative excellence in the UAE, enables borrowers to register mortgage on movable assets and addresses the main issues facing both lenders and borrowers. It also protects their rights in different ways, including registration of mortgages in a special registry. The presentation shed light on the scope of the application of the said Federal Law, as it applies to mortgages of current or future tangible and intangible movable assets, and does not apply to any movable assets that require registration or are already registered in a special registry.

Discussions on the second day will revolve around the ‘Legislative Impact Assessment.’ The speakers will include Fatima Abdullah Al Shaiba, Legal Officer and Head of the Financial and Economic Legislation Division, and Bushra Hamid Al Barwani, Senior Legal Officer and Head of the Social Legislation Division. The presentation will focus on the importance of assessing the legislative impact for developing effective and efficient legislation. Students will have the opportunity to learn about the concept, benefits, effectiveness, scope, potential beneficiaries, and the processes involved in the legislative impact assessment.

Ahmad Saeed bin Meshar Al Muhairi, SLC Secretary General, said: “The current edition of the Legislative Week features educational and awareness seminars directed at law students at prestigious universities and colleges in the UAE. We organized these educational events because we believe in the importance of cultivating the knowledge and skills of the youth in the legal and legislative fields, in line with the vision and directives of our wise leadership that considers them as the driving force behind the country’s future. Using advanced communication technology, the first day of the two-day seminars attracted large student participation. This formed part of our initiatives to foster the legal culture in Dubai, build qualified generations and lay a solid foundation for an advanced legislative system as we prepare for the next 50 years.”

He added: “We are pleased to host law students during the second edition of the online Legislative Week, proving anew our continuous commitment to strengthening our strategic partnerships with universities, academic institutions, and government entities. We will also work towards concerting and directing our efforts to ensure the development of the skills and competencies of the young people who are capable of developing and implementing a sustainable and balanced legislative system. This is in line with the future aspirations of Dubai and the UAE.”

A total of 74 local government entities is participating in the ongoing Legislative Week 2020 to discuss and anticipate the future of the legislative system. This event provides attendees with a strategic platform to share their success stories and best industry practices, propose forward-looking visions to establish a flexible and sustainable legislative system and enhance legislative stability amid evolving government policies and rapid technological developments.

The ‘Legislation Lab: Legislative Agility for Achieving Viability’ is one of the highlights of the Legislative Week 2020. It is an integrated innovation platform aligned with the UAE national strategy for envisioning and shaping the future of technology, and provides a safe experimental environment for proposing and drafting dynamic and agile legislation that can help enhance the quality of life in Dubai.

The Legislative Week will raise several important issues. These include sustainability of the legislative system as everyone’s responsibility; the role of skills enhancement in developing and implementing sustainable legislation; the legislative stability concept; the nature of and relationship between stable government policies and legislations; the significance of legislative stability; and the perception of the future in the legislative process, among others.

The current edition of the Legislative Week features online seminars, educational talks, workshops, presentations, and other interactive educational and awareness-raising activities designed for its target audiences.

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