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Your UAE Trip - The Do’s And Don’ts

After such a tough year, we all need some much-needed time away once things start to settle into more of a normal routine and we get back to the daily normal. Dubai has quickly become one of the hottest and most exciting holiday destinations in the world. Whilst things are changing in the region, however, there are still some big things to consider to avoid risk of fines, or even deportation.

No eating or drinking on public transportation

There have been huge changes to the way we use public transport throughout this year, as mandatory mask requirements have made this point a little more moot than usual.It’s important to know that eating or drinking is completely banned on all public transportation and from the stations too. If you’re caught consuming food or drink, you could find yourself receiving a small fine, but may also find yourself receiving a talking to for not wearing your mask if the mandatory policy is still in place too.

Gambling regulations

Gambling is now a common past time for some many people around the world. However, there are regulations in place in the UAE, so you must follow this upon entry and bare them in mind beforehand. Gambling remains illegal within the UAE, as well as in other Islamic countries, though regulations change from country to country and a complete overview of how different Muslim countries regulate gambling can be found at

Take care with public video and photograph

Smartphones have allowed us to document every moment of our trip and we’ve grown to love sharing the photos and videos that bring us so much joy.You may need to take a little care here during your trip. The UAE can be a little stricter on preserving the privacy of individuals and it can be a serious offence to record or take pictures of someone without their consent.This may be further exacerbated if anything is posted on social media. Keep this in mind when documenting your trip, as you may land yourself in some hot water. Many of these restrictions also apply to public areas, as you may run into trouble for taking photos or video of protected locations, such as military institutions or palaces, and the fines issued can be quite hefty.

Keep the cussing to a minimum

You may be used to speaking a little more freely, particularly amongst your friends and in private conversation, but this is also something that may catch up to you if you’re a little too loose. Any form of swearing in public is prohibited within the UAE with certain words holding a higher punishment than others, with punishments raging from prison time to a fine. This extends to your online use too, using foul language through social media or messaging platforms, such as WhatsApp can land you in trouble too with similar punishments and even deportation on the table too. It’s easy to let something slip especially if it’s something you’re more comfortable with but is certainly something you’ll need to be more mindful of during your trip.

Despite these rules, there is a huge list of attractions to enjoy too. There are a few extra things to be mindful of with plenty of online resources to guide you through the important bits.Above all you shouldn’t let concerns get in the way of having a good time particularly after such a long and difficult year, so long as you do so on the correct side of things!

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