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Staying active while working from home

Having to keep track of your activities can be pretty overwhelming. Sometimes we get so busy that we cannot remember to prioritize everything that's essential for our well-being. Making sure that you get your exercise intake and are devoted to other healthy habits is tough enough on its own. That being said, staying active while working from home is another story. There are so many more potential obstacles that you'll have to learn to overcome. Nonetheless, there are always great little pieces of advice that you could keep in mind to stay on track.

You'll need a solid plan

Staying active while working from home is hard mostly for one reason and that is lack of discipline. However, when there's a will, there's a way. Keeping track of all that you want to accomplish throughout your days and writing it down so that you could see it all in one place is a good way to deal with this problem. Make sure that you reward yourself in whatever way you see fit in order to actually follow through with your plans. Another thing to be cautious about is being realistic while making these plans and not overestimating your abilities. If you take on more than you can carry, you'll give up much sooner.

In order to stay active while working from home, it's best to have a planner to help you keep track.

A calendar that could help you stay active while working from home.

Don't rely on motivation

Motivation is something that you shouldn't rely on. It oscillates too much. Although having a goal and striving towards a result will help you stay active while working from home for a little while, it won't do so in the long run. You need to simply make yourself do this. Your body will help you by seeking the increase in dopamine that you'll get from exercising. In other words, you need to make a conscious decision to move and stay active so that your body eventually gets used to it.

Connect your exercise to already existing routines

If you're someone who really doesn't want to stay active and cannot seem to make yourself create a schedule, that's understandable. Another thing you can do is to connect some easier exercises to your already existing daily routines. Try to do some squats while brushing your teeth or make it your mission to do as many jumping jacks as you can while you're waiting for your coffee to be done. You'd be surprised by how much these small contributions make staying active while working from home easier.

Eating well is a part of staying active and healthy while working from home

In order to stay active while working from home, you need the right fuel. Things can get out of hand, especially when we make our own working schedules. We get a bit lazy and snack a lot. Try to not let this happen. It's okay to experience a few slips here and there, just don't give in to temptation completely. Ordering from different healthy restaurants is a great option if you're not into cooking, especially during the ongoing pandemic. Help support your local restaurants during this time.

Staying healthy while working from home is closely connected to getting the right food intake.

A table full of healthy food that will help you stay strong and active while working from home.

Find exercises that won't feel like too much work

While fitness is a great way to stay fit and pilates activates the whole body, sometimes these vigorous forms of exercise can get too much. If you're exhausted from a long day's work, the last thing you want is to drain the remaining energy from your body. Try to do some things that will make staying active while working from home seem fun. You might like to dance, or simply take a walk and explore the nooks and crannies of your city. Whatever it is that makes you enjoy the time that you spend moving, do it.

Use what you own

Purchasing weights, fitness bands, and yoga mats is great if that's something that you're into. However, it's important to remember that being active while working from home doesn't have to cost you anything. If you want some extra weight, use water bottles. If you don't have a yoga mat, your floor or some blankets will do just fine for the time being. Make sure not to get turned off from all these wonderful activities that'll help you be healthy and active just because of a few missing pieces of equipment.

Staying active while working from home is more than just having a workout routine

Being sedentary could affect your life in a much bigger way than lacking cardio or muscle toning exercise. Getting up every hour or two, depending on what your work allows, will be of great benefit. Try to take walks or increase your heart rate in any way, shape, or form. If you live in a building, take the stairs. Choosing healthy daily options that are right in front of you can seem dull. However, it's much easier than you think. You just need to make a conscious mistake to remain active while working from home. It's all about habits.

Check in with yourself

Taking the time to see how you're processing your current lifestyle is something that might sound a bit pretentious. However, it's quite the opposite. Mental health is just as important as physical health, if not more. All this to say that you need to take breaks and make room for relaxing activities as well. Sometimes it's hard to stay active while working from home because all your obligations could overlap.

Meditation is a great way to check in with yourself from time to time and stay mentally healthy.

Staying healthy during the pandemic

Stay informed by reading up on and other trustworthy sites. This is a great source of new information on what the safest way of staying active while working from home is. Make sure that you always double-check your sources if you're not 100% certain of their validity. Being cautious is far less time consuming than being potentially harmful to yourself or others.

Find inspiration online

Whether it be cooking some great meals or staying active while working from home, sometimes we can get bored of doing the same old. Luckily, one of the greatest benefits of living in today's world is having access to a nearly endless amount of ideas and their executions online. You can practice yoga in the morning, do pilates in the afternoon, or meditate before sleep just by clicking on a video that's to your liking. Make sure to be selective and attentive to what actually suits you and your body.

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