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5 Spontaneous Weekend Adventure Ideas For Dubai Folks

Now that pandemic-related restrictions are easing up in Dubai, people are slowly going back to their old routines. For sure, many are already planning activities to make up for staying cooped at home for months. Indeed, making plans is a fantastic idea to get back into the activities that you enjoyed before.

In Dubai, engaging in spontaneous adventures should be easy because of all the exciting provisions available for anyone seeking to take a break from indoor life and explore a little. If you are looking for such adventures that you can embark on, here are five ideas to consider.

1.Rent a car for a road trip.

Sometimes, driving around can be a fun and enriching enough experience. You don’t need to have a particular destination in mind, just cruise the roads and go wherever your heart fancies.

Don’t have a car? Take advantage of car rental services in Dubai and pick out a luxury vehicle. This is a fantastic way to infuse a little quality and elegance into the experience.

2. Go solo on a city tour.

Quite often, it’s easy to take living in Dubai for granted. Some expats say that there are countless tourist spots that they have yet to see even if they have been living in the City of Gold for years.

Stop being a stranger to your city and join a tour. This is a wonderful opportunity to revive interest in Dubai and see what you’re missing. Plus, if you are keen on making new friends, there’s nothing like joining a city tour to help you connect with people from other parts of the country or even the world. You can strike up new friendships, and perhaps, after the tour, you can take over and be the guide to the beautiful city of Dubai for other people.

3. Try an escape room.

It’s always nice to try something that you have never done before. If you haven’t previously gone to an escape room with friends, choose this coming weekend to do so. Escape rooms are quite fun, and you won’t find them only in amusement parks; they are often pop-up features at bazaars and other community events.

What’s particularly interesting about escape rooms is that each one has a theme. You need both intelligence and speed to succeed in decoding riddles and other problems to find clues that will allow you to successfully find the way out.

4. Take a trip to the desert or mountains.

Rent a 4x4 pickup vehicle for the day to see the Dubai’s natural marvels. There are mountains nearby, and the desert is just a quick drive away. Take the car to see the desert sunrise and sunset or hit the hills for a view of lush nature. A lot of the mountains near the city have hiking and bike trails. If you drive up early in the morning, you can join hiking or biking groups. This will make for an excellent morning exercise.

5. Have your own “food telephone” with friends.

A “food telephone” is when you get a recommendation for a particular dining establishment, and then you ask someone from that dining establishment for their suggestion for a place to go for a popular menu item. Going on this gastronomic adventure is a popular trend among young people, and if you are keen on trying it out, Dubai is an ideal place for it.

For example, you can first go to the best steak restaurant in Dubai and then ask for their recommendation for the best dessert in the city from one of the employees of the steak restaurant. Once you get to the other dining establishment, you can get a different recommendation for another popular treat.

Dubai is the gastronomic center of the UAE; there’s no doubt a spontaneous food telephone with your friends over the weekend would be a breeze to pull off.

Social restrictions have made many Dubai folks stir-crazy. Now that there is increasingly more freedom to travel, even just within the city, people can begin making plans for the weekend and using them often for enjoyment and the enhancement of their quality of life.

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