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It is widely accepted that the roulette wheel was invented by a French inventor and mathematician called Blaise Pascal, who was not actually trying to invent a game but rather a perpetual motion machine back in 1655.

A perpetual motion machine is one that can continue to operate without drawing on any energy from an external source and although the laws of physics say that is impossible Pascal was trying hard to defy the odds. It’s true that his experiment failed but in failing the process saw the birth of one of the most popular casinos games of all time - roulette.

For centuries after Pascal's roulette wheel remained unchanged and it was not until the mid-19th century when in 1842 brothers Francois and Lois Blanc designed a roulette wheel with a single zero on it. This was done for King Charles III of Monaco and the addition of the zero gave the house a bigger house edge.

Charles then brought the game to the masses and as his kingdom was facing some financial issues the wheel with the added zero generated a lot of income for Monaco quickly becoming the symbol for Monte Carlo’s gambling culture. An interesting face is that the roulette wheel with the single zero entered the market at the very same time that France had outlawed gamlbing which made Monte Carlo even more popular and desirable.

Crossing The Pond

It was in the 1800’s that the game travelled across the ocean to the US, and here the wheel was given another zero which meant that the house had an even bigger edge and today roulette can be played both on and offline in many variations including the European, French and American varieties.

Making the Move Online

We all lead busy lives with many of us not having a great deal of time to spare and with so many of now remote working increased numbers have turned online to source our entertainment and that includes our casino action.

Over the last few decades technology has advanced to such an extent that playing online roulette at trusted sites like has become the preferred choice for many roulette lovers.

As mentioned above you can access all the main styles of the game but also there are many different variations that can be enjoyed online and that includes live games of roulette.

How do The Live Games Work?

All the live games of roulette at Fruity King are streamed from a physical venue right to the comfort of your own home. The games all take place in real time and are hosted by an attractive croupier. Like any land-based casino you can chat to the croupier and your fellow players in between games via the live chat feed on your screen, congratulation wins and commiserating when someone suffers a loss.

Able to play whenever and wherever you happen to be, all of Fruity Kings games are of exceptional quality making the Fruity King ‘the most go to’ site for all of your casino needs.

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