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HPD’s Lifestyle Program Launches To Cement Healthy Habits Among Individuals

The Health Promotion Department (HPD) at the Supreme Council for Family Affairs (SCFA) in Sharjah on Thursday has launched its latest awareness-raising programs titled “Lifestyle”, which aims to raise health awareness of the individuals and encourage them to follow healthy lifestyles.

The year-long program is coinciding with World Obesity Day and is targeting the staff of the SCFA and its affiliated departments, public and private institutions in Sharjah, school and university students, and parents.

Commenting on the launch, the HPD said that the program includes numerous innovative services and initiatives, such as the Virtual Health Consultations service and Healthy Shopping initiative which features important tips about ways of adopting healthy lifestyles and guidelines on how to opt for healthy foods while shopping.

The Department called on the individuals to visit the following link: to avail of the free consultations service.

HE Iman Rashid Saif, Director of Health Promotion Department, said the Program is based on the Department’s health awareness survey conducted in 2020 in terms of strengthening healthy habits and practices that have a direct relation to nutrition and physical activity, stating that survey found that obesity is one of the most important health challenges by 49% compared to other diseases, while 76% of those surveyed underlined the importance of exercise and healthy diet in improving the public health.

The study also showed that nutrition and lifestyle are among the most important topics for 68% of the participants, while only 30% of those surveyed showed their interest in reading food labels, something that reflects the significance of the Healthy Shopping initiative to disseminate the culture of healthy food shopping.

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