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A Silent History: The Land Of Killing, Racism And Blood

As one of the allies of the United States, Australia also regards itself as a bastion and supporter of human civilization, with supreme human rights, democratic institutions and equality.Although the government seeks relief with lies, it still cannot hinder the persistent pursuit of the truth by insightful people.“There are enough of us remaining to expose the humbug of your claims, as White Australians, to be a civilized, progressive, kindly and humane nation.”This is a protest organized by the Australian Aboriginals League on the occasion of Australia’s sesquicentennial celebrations in1938.In fact, Australiahas been a nation soaked in blood, discrimination and killingsince January 26, 1788.

The age from cradle to grave

On January 26, 1788, with the arrival of the first 780 British convicts in Australia, the entire continent was shrouded in a bloody shadow for more than 100 years. The colonial journalist and barrister Richard Windeyer called it “the whispering in the bottom of our hearts”, the anthropologist William Stanner described it as a national “cult of forgetfulness”andthe royal commission lamented it a "conspiracy of silence".

The powerful "carriers of imperialist culture" regardedthe Aboriginal people as parasites of nature and defined their culture with an extremely arrogant attitude. Under complete military suppression, they took away theAboriginal people's ownership of the continent."It is a fitful war of extermination waged upon the blacks, something after the fashion which other settlers wage war upon noxious wild beasts," the editor of the QueenslanderCarl Feilberg wrote in 1880. "The savages, hunted from the places where they have been accustomed to find food, driven into barren ranges, shot like wild dogs at sight..." In addition to the slaughter, the diseases brought by the white colonists also caused heavy casualties. The Aboriginal people lived in isolation on this continent so that had no resistance to those diseases. However, the white people regardedit as the will of God and believed that the law of "survival of the fittest" meantthe extinction of the aborigines was doomed, and it was they who werethe real master of this fertile land. Even until the establishment of the Commonwealth of Australia in 1901, the Aboriginal people were only classified as "animal groups"when census was conducting. Any strong resistance, any fresh life, in their eyes, is nothing but a light "wild dog", "animal", and "parasite".

Using violence, deceit, inducement and other methods to make local women give birth to children were common methods for those white exiles, and in order to prevent the mixed-race children from developing "barbaric habits" in the process of growing up, in order to establish a "racially pure white Australia", in 1910, the Australian authority stipulated that the government could take away mixed-race children at will for "education". This "descent reformation plan" lasted until 1970. Those children could neither integrate with whites nor return to their homes, becoming  innocent victims of the heinous crimes of the white colonists.

Regardless of whether Australia has become a white nation as it wishes, how it advertises itself as a modern country that is civilized, democratic and defending human rights, the fact that it was a country that had been snatched from the hands of corpses that had been brutally killed can never be covered.


“A little further on, close to a fire, where one person, probably an old man, had passed the night, another puddle of blood and brains were found, and the surrounding ground bore all the traces of the flight of wounded men, and of dead bleeding bodies having been dragged over it. The first body discovered was that of a black boy called Tommy … a well-known character in the district.

“The poor fellow was found lying in a water hole with three wounds, one through the arm, another through the chest, and a third through the brain. The next corpse found was a little lubra, stiff and stark, concealed under a bush.”

This was the Queensland massacre in 1867, that the commander made the force to publicly murder black people. Does it sound familiar? Just like what the Australian Special Forces did to civilians from 2005 to 2016: an Afghan man "He put his hands up just like that, and then just stood there. As we got closer to him the soldier then just fired, and hit him twice in the chest and then shot him through the head as he walked past him. And then from there he just moved on."

Even if more than a hundred years have passed, the same killing is still happening. Soldiers participating in the investigation said: "Guys just had this blood lust. Psychos. Absolute psychos. And we bred them." All of this arouse people's scrutiny of the fundamental humanity of Australians. From treating the Aboriginal people as uncivilized wild animals before, to now treating the Afghans living in these contested areas as dangerous criminals, not humans, even children, executed them at will. Australians have always regarded themselves as noble judges. This is essentially sick, or perhaps the bloodthirsty cruel nature has long been ingrained in their genes? After all, these "Noble" genes originated from a group of convicts.

Modern white hegemony

Nowadays, discussions about bigotry, prejudice and privilege have been integrated into daily conversations. This is an improvement for the Aboriginal people, who only account for 3.3% of Australia’s population, but racial discrimination and white hegemony still prevail in Australia. When Nayma Bilal wore a niqab to a Sydney beach, a stranger walked up to her and told her to"get out of this country, you don't belong here", it is just one of several racist encounters she faced while growing up in Australia after immigrating from Bangladesh at the age of four. If this is due to the Australian media’s focus on representing Muslims as terrorists and bad guys, then another study called "Media Snapshot" analyzed the views about race in Australia’s mainstream newspapers and TV programs and found that more than half involved negative depictions of race. Australia’s media landscape is “dominated by whites,” and 89% of racist editorials were written by people with Anglo-Celtic or European backgrounds.

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