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Top Travel Tips To Make Luxury Getaways Safer

Some people are still quite anxious about going out to travel. They are unsure of what awaits in a world where the new normal has taken over. There will always be guidelines and rules that need to be observed to ensure that all travelers will be kept as safe and healthy as possible.

From booking bespoke air charter services to gathering the most current and relevant travel safety information, we have put together some valuable tips to make your luxurious getaway a success.

Bespoke Luxury Travel

Now that pandemic-related restrictions are relaxed in many countries, enjoying a trip out of the city or country is possible. After months of being cooped up in the four corners of your home, a long-awaited trip would be a welcome respite from the challenges that came with the coronavirus pandemic.

To help you prepare for a stress-free and safe luxury getaway, here are some top tips to take note of:

1.         Know the latest travel updates.

Before you make travel plans, be informed about thelatest travel advisories. Check online or ask your travel agent about relevant travel updates in your country and the destination that you plan to visit.

Different countries may have varying travel restrictions and guidelines, so it is best to know them ahead of time. Doing so will ensure that you won’t encounter any travel inconveniences.

Typically, the most basic requirement is a negative PCR test before departure. Quarantine requirements and other safety measures required by the authorities of the place that you are visiting may also be called for.

2.         Make arrangements in advance.

You should also make arrangements ahead of time. Let the place where you plan to reserve rooms know about any dietary restrictions or allergies you may have. The same goes when booking transportation. Whether it is a chartered jet or land and water transfers, letting them know about your personal preferences will pave the way for a safer and more enjoyable vacation.

3.         Opt for a private air charter.

Chartered flights allow you the freedom to access remote airfields, veer away from the commercial flight crowd, reduce or remove lengthy check-in procedures and land transfers, or fly wherever or whenever you want.

Air charters also give you exclusivity, privacy, and versatility. It is crucial to choose an air charter company with a top-notch reputation for excellent service and that has a vast network of partners that can take you to destinations where other charter companies can’t.

Whether it’s a luxury shopping trip to Paris or a family getaway to a secluded island resort, a customer-centric charter company will have brand ambassadors that will help you create a bespoke luxury holiday that observes strict health and safety protocols.

4.         Invest in quality luggage.

It is also essential to invest in durable and good-quality travel bags. You don’t want your personal belongings to go spilling out in the hotel lobby just because your travel luggage is made of flimsy material, do you?

Invest in durable luggage, preferably with a TSA-approved lock and a built-in tracker. Trackers in travel bags will make it easier for you to locate your luggage in the event that they get lost.

5.         Do research and enjoy peace of mind.

Even if you are taking a private flight or staying in a high-end hotel, being aware of the risks and how to avoid them would work to your advantage.

Wear a mask to protect yourself and others. Wash your hands with soap and water regularly, make sure to observe respiratory etiquette at all times, and observe physical distancing. As much as possible, stay away from indoor spaces and crowds.

Now that a coronavirus vaccine is more available in most countries, get a shot before you leave. If you can, also get a flu shot at least 14 days apart from your COVID-19 shot.

Jet Off to Safety

When you want to travel in style and safety, it is best to be aware of relevant information to make your vacation more enjoyable. Doing research and making arrangements ahead of time, investing in quality luggage, and hiring a private jet are some of the ways to have a safe and comfortable getaway.

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