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ADSG Launches ’Ramadan Webinars’ 2021 In Support Of Continuous Lifelong Learning, Development In Abu Dhabi

Abu Dhabi School of Government (ADSG) has launched the 2021 "Ramadan Initiatives" through which it will offer webinars throughout the Holy Month of Ramadan in educational, digital and leadership areas.

The three Ramadan initiatives – DigitalFAST, TeachBACK, and One-Power-Hour – where a large number of government leaders, executives, and speakers are participating, aims to develop the leadership and digital competencies; focussing on the culture of learning and continuous development, sharing knowledge and experience in support of the emirate’s efforts in building a sustainable knowledge economy.

Dr. May Laith AlTaee, Learning Technology and Innovation Director at the Abu Dhabi School of Government, commented that the "Ramadan Initiatives" confirm the commitment to support the journey of continuous lifelong learning and development. These goals are achieved through several programmes and initiatives that broaden the participants' perspectives, increase their knowledge, and shed light on the significant contemporary challenges in business, leadership, and management.

DigitalFAST Under the slogan "Pick new digital skills and insights this Ramadan," the DigitalFAST initiative, which is open to the community, offers a unique opportunity to acquire new digital skills through learning how to benefit from the modern techniques to achieve digital transformation on personal, educational and institutional levels. Speakers from pioneering tech institutions address modern techniques and their effect on businesses and individuals.

Sheena Kadri, Digital Learning Programmes Manager at ADSG, said that digital skills have become a pressing need in today's world. It is impossible to talk about building a contemporary digital economy without developing all groups of society's digital skills. Therefore, ADSG continues to offer several programmes for digital learning and development.

TeachBACK This unique initiative highlights the importance of continuous learning and knowledge transfer and presented under the slogan "Paths Altered by Inspirations – Lifelong Learning does not have an age" showcases stories of exceptional development achieved by learners of different ages and professions in the last years. In the four initiative seminars, learners who acquired special skills will share with the participants their experiences, motives for learning, ways of developing these skills, and how they are using their newly acquired skills in their everyday life due to the effect of these skills.

Shaikha Alahbabi, General Training Programmes Section Manager, clarified that TeachBACK would provide a pioneering platform that allows for the transfer of knowledge, sharing of skills, and disseminating benefits through reviewing skill acquiring experiences and ways of its development and application. This platform permits others to be inspired and transforms learners into inspirational knowledge transferors.

One-Power-Hour This initiative is conducted under the slogan "From Leaders to Leaders." It aims to shed light on many timely issues and challenges in business and management addressed to senior government leaders to envision the future. A select number of leaders and global speakers from different fields present these sessions, discussing topics of interest for executive leaders such as the post-COVID-19 economy, disruptive business models, innovative governments, the diversity and productivity of women in business, the psychology of achievement, and more.

"The purpose of One-Power-Hour is to propose ideas by pioneers in this field, where they discuss the contemporary issues and present the experiences and solutions, and will inspire others and contribute to the transfer knowledge and sharing of experiences," said Dr. Khalifa Al Hosani, Leadership Programmes Manager at the ADSG.

Zabna Omar, Programmes Support Manager at ADSG, referred to the ADSG commitment to empower government employees and enhance their skills in different topics through raising innovative ideas, and up-to-date programmes anticipating the potential challenges, and come up with solutions to contribute to building a sustainable and knowledge-based economy.

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