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Top 6 Liquors You Should Have In Your Home Bar

When you have a penchant for entertaining at home, a home bar is something worth investing in. Whether you want to have a glass of bourbon after a long day or are inviting friends over for dinner, having a ready stash of drinks can be a perk.

Alcohol Purchase Made Easy

With legal alcohol delivery in Abu Dhabi, stocking your home bar can be so much more convenient. As long as you’re 21 years old and above and have a valid ID, you can simply order alcohol online. Premier online liquor shops even offer same-day alcohol delivery when you order before a specific time.

With physical distancing still encouraged in most places, opting for home delivery reduces the chances of you having to mingle with others. 

When you have your drinks delivered by a reputable online liquor shop, you are assured that they have strict delivery and handling protocols in place to keep everyone safe and healthy.

If you’re not sure which drinks should be a staple in your stash, don’t fret. We have put together a shortlist of the top six essential liquors that you should have for your home bar: 

1. Brandy

Brandy has a burnt fruity flavour profile with a hint of pleasant ‘oakiness’. It is typically aged in oak barrels and often blended. While brandy is often enjoyed on its own, it is also a popular choice for classic cocktails or drinks that use only a few ingredients.

2. Gin

Gin is typically unaged and has a dry and herbal flavour profile, making it a perfect choice for dry cocktails. Gin provides an excellent base for many classic drinks like martinis or concoctions that use only a few ingredients. It also pairs well with fruits, herbs, and lighter mixes.

3. Rum

Rum is the most preferred base for tropical drinks and warm cocktails. As one of the more versatile spirits, rum’s sweet and toasted sugary taste makes it an ideal liquor for mixing and to be made into classic rum cocktails, Daiquiris, and Mojitos.

4. Tequila

There are several kinds of tequila. There’s blanco or silver tequila, which is unaged, while añejo and reposado tequilas are often aged in used whiskey oak barrels. Meanwhile, gold tequila is blended.

Tequila’s semi-sweet and spicy earth tones make it an excellent choice for creating fun and festive cocktails. Keep a cheaper silver tequila for making margaritas and get a nicer tequila for guests who prefer tequila shots. 

5. Vodka

Vodka is the most versatile of spirits, with its neutral flavour profile. Vodka has various price points, so you can choose to stock your home bar with at least a couple of different types. There are flavoured vodkas that are perfect for fruity cocktails, martinis, shooters, and sparkling mixers.

6. Whiskey

Whiskey is considered one of the most versatile bases for cocktails and mixers.

Since there are many styles of whiskey, choosing just one would be pretty tricky. 

Seasoned bartenders advise starting your collection with a bottle of bourbon when you want to drink it neat or on the rocks. Get a blended rye whiskey for when you are thirsting for a Manhattan or an Old Fashioned.

Make Your Home Bar a Fun Bar 

Having a home bar can be another way of having fun. 

Whether you’re by yourself or with family and friends, having a well-stocked bar will allow you to create concoctions you can relish or offer to guests. 

As they say, the more, the merrier. 

So stock up and have your alcohol essentials delivered, so you have all the ingredients for spending fun, relaxing times at home.

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