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Eaglechain will become the new generation of the Blockchain

Shocked the Blockchain, the new generation of Blockchain in the Blockchain community, which is Eaglechain in future. Will the Eaglechain, which is based on Blockchain technology, reproduce the Bitcoin trend of 2009-2021!

From the birth of Bitcoin in 2009 to the 21st century, Bitcoin has always been a financial miracle that has attracted social attention. Silently developed into a bright new generation in the chain and Blockchain community, that is, the Eaglechain, which is based on Blockchain technology. It took at least one year to develop and has been on the market. This new generation also rises quickly. Eaglechain is already the most popular public chain in 2021, so what is special about this public chain and what development prospects does it have?

The US dollar has always been used as a currency structure to settle trade loans in cross-border transactions. This requires a lot of time and handling fees, resulting in the loss of many opportunities. However, with the changes of the times, the most globalized new era requires a brand-new monetary system. To solve the shortcomings of the existing currency system, that is, Digital Currency. Digital Currency is an alternative currency in the form of Electronic Currency. The use of Blockchain technology has created a pioneer for decentralized Cryptocurrency.

In the era of Blockchain 1.0, it is the A to B transfer system represented by Bitcoin; in the era of Blockchain 2.0, it is the Smart Contract System represented by Ethereum; in the era of Blockchain 3.0+, it is the 21st century Exploring the Eaglechain as a representative, aims to establish an unlimited number of complex Smart Contract, support cross-chain interaction and a limited block size. It is not only an electronic currency attribute, but also an application platform based on Blockchain technology and Smart Contract System.

Eaglechain is a public chain developed by Trans Reach International Group from Dubai. It will become a basic platform for users, assets and applications in the future. This strategic position also determines that the mission of the Eaglechain is not only a public chain. Relying on the world's largest transaction ecology, the Eaglechain will become the birthplace of innovative technologies and innovative businesses, and build a complete technology development, application promotion, and the complete ecological closed loop of the transaction.

The development of both the Eaglechain platform and the Eagle ecosystem will also fully complement resources through this ecological closed loop, providing global developers with more diversified innovative paths and basic services, so that the construction cost of decentralized applications is lower, and the higher efficiency.

In the long run, the biggest asset of human beings in the future is digital assets, and this position must be occupied as soon as possible. Now, many countries have seized some of the Blockchain market. For example, South Korea has now tasted the sweetness of the Blockchain economy. Last year's GDP increased significantly, of which 15%-28% was contributed by the Blockchain, and there should be explosive growth this year. This trend and achievement deserve our attention.

The global advocacy of decentralization, the Smart Contract of the Eaglechain + application ecological chain model opened the era of global ecological block applications to empower digital assets, and Blockchain technology was first applied to Bitcoin.

"Blockchain+" may change and even reshape the basic framework of the global financial industry, accelerate financial innovation and product iteration, and reshape the credit transfer exchange mechanism. The changes brought by the Blockchain to the financial field have begun to accelerate. Therefore, it can be seen that Eaglechain, a public chain based on innovative Blockchain technology, will subvert the traditional public chain in the past. The Eagle ecosystem uses the Internet of Things (IOT) + Finance + Business and the more civilian applications of life consumption. The more effective nodes will be connected, the more valuable applications can be incubated and empowered in this chain, and wealth can be increased while also allowing assets. The application achieves the best widespread, best security, and benign sustainable development strategy, which is not available in Bitcoin and the current industry community.

I believe that the following multi-chain coexistence value network generation created by Eaglechain will enable circulation to generate value, realize block cross-border payment, peak Bitcoin, and Ethereum create a new legend.

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