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Everything You Should Know About Delayed Flights

Flight delay is many travellers' worst nightmare and oftentimes than not, airline staff tend to get the smoke from outraged customers. However, you could also be entitled to flight delay compensation of up to €600. What do you need to know to win this over?

Know Why it Was Delayed

There are many reasons why this could happen, whether it is due to air traffic control restrictions, strikes, waiting for cargo or passengers, and more. Knowing the reason can help you decide if you get a chance at any form of compensation or not. If the delays are beyond the airline’s control, then the airline is not obligated to do anything for you beyond getting you to your destination. 

Know Your Rights Regarding This

If you’re flying from a UK airport or arriving at one or using a UK or EU airline, you are entitled to compensation after 3 or more hours of delay. This compensation is within the €250 and €600 range and is dependent on the distance of the flight with no relation to the cost of the ticket. 

If it is a short distance of up to 1500km, you’re entitled to a €250 compensation, €400 for medium distance flight delays up to 3500km, and €600 for long-distance flight delays over 3500km.

However, after two hours of delay, you are entitled to food and drinks or hotel accommodation if it gets delayed overnight. Knowing these rights tells you what to fight for should the airline refuse to act accordingly. 

What are You Expected to do?

Delayed flights happen more often than you think, so if you’ve ever experienced one and never did anything or get any compensation, you might still have a chance. If you start noticing signs of possible delay or have been delayed for more than two hours already, what do you do?

1. Know the Cause of the Delay

The first thing you should do is to ask the airline the cause of the delay, so you can ascertain whether or not it is the airline’s fault. This can further guide you as you work towards getting compensation. 

2. Get Your Documents Ready

Start putting your documents together, from your tickets to vouchers and receipts. You will need them when you eventually want to claim your rights. 

3. Eat Something

The airline is expected to give you complimentary food and drinks, so you might as well help yourself with that as you wait. 

4. Work on Getting a Compensation

While you wait, the next best thing is to start working on how to get compensation. Know your flight distance to determine how much you are expected to get and also check if the reason for the delay is the airline’s fault. You can also call an agent if you know any to ask relevant questions and start the process already. 

Bottom Line

Flight delays will always happen, whether it is for 15 minutes or three hours, or 24 hours. However, you can always get compensated for all that time lost. 

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