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Sharjah Museums Authority Announces Its Summer Camp Workshops

Hosted by 13 museums across the emirate of Sharjah

Sharjah Museums authority (SMA) is hosting a number of child-focused workshops as part of its Happy Holiday from Home Camp, Summer 2021 from  the comfort of their home.

Kicking off on July 25, the summer camp is organized by 13 museums under SMA across Sharjah and target children aged between 6 -13 years old

They aim to increase children’s knowledge and cognitive,enhance their motor skills and have family quality time. 

Designed as part of SMA’s ‘Because We Care’, social responsibility initiative, the programs will allow children to explore, discover, and learn through touch and inquiry. 

Part of the Camp’s workshops, ‘My flower vase’ presented by Sharjah Museum of Islamic Civilization allows participants to make vases using recycled materials, while Sharjah Heritage Museum will introduce youngsters to a traditional Emirati game called "Al Qaheef” . 

Other workshops that will teach participants how to make a stand for the holy Quran, are presented by Sharjah Fort (Al Hisn), while Hisn Khor Fakkan will present a workshop on stone carving where children learn to draw on stone.

At Bait Al Naboodah, a workshop titled Merchant’s Money Box, will talk about creating their own money boxes to collect coins, and another at Sharjah Aquarium titled Turtle Cover, helps children to create their own toy turtles using recycled lids and cans.

Children will also learn about speed measuring devices in the Weathercock workshop presented by Al Mahatta Museum. They will additionally be taught how to express an idea or a message through the "Creative Composition" workshop organised by Sharjah Art Museum.

The Sundial workshop, which is offered by Sharjah Science Museum, will help kids calculate time by looking at shadows; and the ‘Create Your Car’ workshop at Sharjah Classic Cars will let them go home with toy cars of their own make. 

At Sharjah Calligraphy Museum, a workshop titled ‘The Frame’, will enhance children’s artistic sense by allowing them to create their own frames and artworks, while they will make ships using papers at the ‘Al Shasha Boat’ (Screen Boat) workshop organised by Sharjah Maritime Museum.

Titled ‘My Decorated Box’, a workshop organised by Sharjah Archaeology Museum will teach youngsters to create and decorate their own Jewellery boxes.

Children who are interested in participating in the virtual summer Happy Holiday Camp activities can join downloading the camp booklet available at the Sharjah Museums Authority's official website or by watching the videos that will be posted on SMA’s social media pages. Parental supervision is required.

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