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Abu Dhabi Announces New Professional Licence

PRO Partner Group provides exclusive information on the Abu Dhabi DED new professional license. Abu Dhabi DED has further opened up foreign ownership with the introduction of a new professional license and has now issued a full list of 604 Professional Activities that qualify for this Licence.

With existing operations in KSA, Oman, Qatar and the Northern Emirates of UAE, PRO Partner Group are available to assist with company set up in Abu Dhabi and provide more information on the detail of the requirements for this new professional licence. PRO Partner Group is the one-stop-shop for business setup, corporate services and for assistance as secure local partner or NSA.

View the full list of professional activities here: 

The activities cover a wide range of professions, including Consultancy, Research and Development, Testing and Inspection Services, Installation and Maintenance, Marketing activities, IT services, Training and Education, Medical Profession activities and Treatment, Brokerage Services, Gyms and Fitness Centres amongst others.

The new regime allows these activities to be 100% foreign-owned, using a Sole Establishment or Foreign Branch Structure - so either owned 100% by an individual person or foreign company. The Establishment will still require a National Service Agent (NSA) or local sponsor for the licence who will be responsible for managing licensing requirements.

Abu Dhabi has introduced several initiatives recently to improve the ease of doing business and its global competitiveness as it prepares for its next 50 years of economic growth - with the new 100% ownership rules, Freelancer Licence, Trader Licence and the 90% reduction in company formation and license renewal fees.

The full lists for Abu Dhabi DED recent updates on 100% ownership, Freelancer Licence activities, Trader Licence activities and Professional Licence activities are listed here: 

If you need assistance with setting up your company in Abu Dhabi and for more information on the detail of the requirements for this new professional license, other corporate support services, and for assistance as a secure local partner or NSA then please do contact us at

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