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3D Printing And A Future For Interiors In Dubai

Dubai has become well-known as a home for 3D printing with all of the innovation required for a huge metropolitan city to exist in the desert and adapting to newer technologies and embracing their strengths has long been one of the fascinating things with the city. Larger scale projects have been explored in the past as Dubai had been the first to 3D print an entire building out of concrete and the suggestion that it could be used for homes in the future, but other projects within Dubai lately have showcased how interior could change too as 3D Printing in Dubai continues to scale up.

Exciting projects have already been undertaken, and with the ability to develop very natural and fluid designs it creates a new element for interior construction in a more efficient way too – Sushisamba on the Palm Dubai recently undertook a large scale project that required a very intricate and natural looking feature piece that would replicate the look of bamboo, a very naturally pliable material but expensive and with environmental concerns on the larger scale, a 3D printing alternative was to be explored with Generation 3D Printing to create a very realistic and natural looking 3D printed structure to replicate bamboo, and showing just how impressive the technology is today compared to where it had been three decades ago where the first projects were undertaken.

(Image from Compass Project Consulting)

The most impressive thing with the changes in 3D printing over the years have been within scalability and is something that will only continue to change in time, committing to these larger scale feature pieces is one of the many directions that also include smaller scale projects, construction projects with different materials, and anything in between too.

In August of 2021, the push for 3D printing in Dubai and 3D printing in the UAE as a whole received greater support as the Prime Minister of the UAE, Sheikh Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum, issued a decree for further regulation of the 3D printing sector particular in construction – pushing further support for the region may ensure that up to 25% of buildings are constructed using 3D printing technology by 2030 and securing the region as a global hub for 3D printing technologies as a whole. It’s a very exciting period of time for a technology that is certainly coming into its own, and as commercial prices come down rapidly too it allows home users to explore the same options for exploration on an individual, commercial, and industrial scale – Dubai will remain the home of 3D printing because of these recent changes, and it’ll be exciting to see future big projects that will emerge, and the positive impact this could have in construction as a whole.

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