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Sharjah Asset Management Organizes A Blood Donation Drive At Souq Al Jubail

Souq Al Jubail, aproject by Sharjah Asset Management, the investment arm of the Government of Sharjah, recently organized a blood donation drive at its premises. The campaign, undertaken in cooperation with the Sharjah Blood Transfusion and Research Center, which is affiliated with the Ministry of Health and Prevention, targeted shoppers, market visitors, tenants, employees, and workers.

The social responsibility initiativewas aimed at spreading community awareness, encouraging a healthy lifestyle, and motivating members of society to contribute to health and humanitarian initiatives, and received anoverwhelmingly positive response.

Talal Mohamed, Senior Manager at Souq Al Jubail, said, “This campaign formed part of our commitment to the government’s vision, which establishes human health and healthcare services as an absolute priority.”

He pointed out that blood donation is a national, humanitarian, and moral duty which, in addition to offering vital benefits to the needy, highlights the human spirit, the value ​​of cooperation, and the concept of solidarity and integration among members of society. It also enhances the health benefits of the donor.

Mohamedcontinued:“We are always keen to implement various community events, activities and campaigns, particularly initiatives that focus on the importance and value of human health. We eagerly hostblood donation campaignsbecause of their vital role in supporting the health sector by providing much-needed quantities of blood from different groups.”

He expressed his appreciation for the Blood Transfusion and Research Centerteam, who were present and prepared with all the necessary medical supplies and various equipment, including a doctor's room and a laboratory, from early morning. He also thanked and praised the donors who flocked to the market to contribute to this important health and humanitarian service.

Mohamed stressed the market management’s interest in and approach to implementing initiatives and campaigns that positively reflect on society in various fields.

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