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OpenSooq: The Best Buying And Selling Platform You Can Deal With

The future is here. Enjoy the Middle East’s virtual, free trade platform to rival any free trade market across the globe. You can now confidently project your business across state borders and venture into new industries whether you are an event planner, an architect, or else, you want to post cars for sale, etc. OpenSooq has paved the way for you to broaden your career and business horizons.

With over 2 billion views per month, OpenSooq provides a quick and easy way for buyers and sellers across more than 19 countries to connect in real-time; regardless of, if you’re an individual looking to buy any product or service, finding a job, becoming a freelancer, or start your own business. Or else, you’re a businessman wanting to expand your customer base - you now have the wonderful opportunity to buy and sell across borders and reduce your costs on expenses like taxes and other trade barriers, you also have the assurance of getting the most competitive prices due to the huge demand and supply forces present.

Furthermore, with a recorded growth of more than 320 times its core, in a jaw-droppingly short period, OpenSooq has secured its place as a well-respected, reputable, and capable platform that is managed with great expertise, and therefore ensures the best experience for its users.

Also, with its latest collaboration with Infobip to enable communication through WhatsApp for its users, it has increased its customer satisfaction to a stunning 85%. In addition, the official OpenSooq app, suitable for both iOS and Android devices, maintains the record of one of the most downloaded apps in the META region. This is no doubt a credit to the app’s user-friendly interface, its low storage capacity, and fast loading speed, even on medium to low internet connections.

OpenSooq is Your Best Choice

The OpenSooq market also includes an impressive variation of real estate options, both for sale and for renting purposes. Look for apartments for rent in Amman or anywhere else in the UAE and find luxury apartments for families or studio apartments for students and bachelors, situated on picturesque quaint locations or else built right amid busiest urban areas.

OpenSooq strives to provide a safe and secure place for both its buyers and sellers. The high standards required of its users that are essential to becoming a member of the OpenSooq community mean that anyone can operate on the site without fearing scammers and fraudsters.

The OpenSooq platform has successfully negated the perception that only the rich can dare to dream. It’s a perfect platform for anyone to enhance their growth and broaden their scope with the minimal investment required. You can practically start your own business, or freelance career with an initial customer base of millions of people across countries which, until recently would have been an unthought-of concept.

But with the advancements in technology and platforms like OpenSooq, anything is possible if you just believe!

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