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Abu Dhabi Creates Comprehensive COVID-19 Travel Guidelines For Inbound Travellers

As cooler temperatures attract more visitors to Abu Dhabi this winter season, the Department of Culture and Tourism – Abu Dhabi (DCT Abu Dhabi) has released a comprehensive guide for vaccinated and unvaccinated visitors to ensure streamlined and stress-free travel into the UAE capital.

When planning a trip to Abu Dhabi, all inbound tourists are reminded first to check DCT Abu Dhabi’s destination website for the latest travel guidelines and necessary COVID-19 precautionary measures. The site will reiterate that a booster (third) dose for any COVID-19 vaccine is not a requirement for entry into the emirate.

For those entering Abu Dhabi via the Dubai/Abu Dhabi Road entry point, DCT Abu Dhabi has assigned the far-right lane (Lane 1) as a dedicated tourist lane. This lane also has a designated guest’s service office and officials to ensure seamless entry to the emirate and address any challenges. Vaccinated tourists must present proof of their full (double) vaccination status via their home country’s official vaccination certificate through a mobile application or physical certificate and present a negative PCR test result obtained within the last 14 days, or a negative 48-hour PCR test obtained from tourists’ home country. Unvaccinated visitors can enter with a negative PCR test obtained within the last 96 hours.

A clear, concise summary of all traveller rules and regulations, for vaccinated and unvaccinated inbound visitors from both Green List and non-Green List countries, is below; Vaccinated or exempt from vaccination. Regional and International Inbound Tourists and Business Travellers flying into Abu Dhabi International Airport.

1. First, check the UAE officially recognises your vaccine. Abu Dhabi accepts vaccines approved by the World Health Organization (WHO) and the Ministry of Health and Prevention Society (MOHAP).

All quarantine procedures for all vaccinated travellers (and unvaccinated travellers from Green List countries) have been lifted, allowing seamless entry into Abu Dhabi. To check the Green List, please visit here.

2. Travellers must download the Federal Authority of Identity and Citizenship (ICA UAE Smart) app or visit the website to complete the 'Register Arrivals Form' 48 hours before travel date. All travellers will need to validate their vaccination (or exemption) 48 hours before travel via these platforms. They will be prompted to submit personal information, passport details, travel itinerary, address when in Abu Dhabi and a copy of their vaccine certificate. These will need to be approved before the traveller embarks on their journey. The average time for the Medical Committee to process applications is 48 hours.

3. Be cleared to fly. Travellers must take a PCR test within 48 hours of their departure and fly only once a negative test result has been received.

4. Travel to Abu Dhabi.

5. PCR Testing on Arrival. Upon arrival at Abu Dhabi International Airport, travellers will need to take another PCR test (only children under 12-years and individuals with official exemptions are exempt). This PCR test is readily available within the terminal and free of cost, with results received within 90 minutes. Travellers can depart the airport and wait in their accommodation for the results.

6. Green List vs Non-Green List Countries. If the traveller comes from a Green List country, they will need to take another PCR test on Day 6. If from a non-Green List country, they will need to take another PCR test on Day 4 and Day 8. The day of arrival is Day 1.

These tests can be taken either at one of the city's testing centres or at their convenience in their hotel accommodation.

7. Access to Abu Dhabi Attractions. To enter public attractions in Abu Dhabi, the majority of which allows access to vaccinated visitors only, visitors will need to present proof of their full (double) vaccination status via their home country’s official vaccination certificate or by their home country COVID response mobile application along with a negative PCR test result, obtained within the last 14 days.

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