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Bespoke Design Services In Dubai

Dubai is a designer city where dreams come true. The city boasts of an impressive skyline dotted with skyscrapers that are an architects delight. The crowning glory is the 828 Metres Burj Khalifa, the tallest tower in the world!

At the heart of Dubai is the Dubai Design District (d3), a space where the world of design, art and fashion co-exist, where you’ll be inspired to discover new perspectives and change the ordinary to the extraordinary.

The d3 is the region’s first and largest design district playing home to the biggest global, regional and local brands within the art, design and fashion industries. They enable disruptive thinking to create a world of endless possibilities through their beautifully designed spaces and unique community offerings.Major design organisations from all over the world have established their regional presence in Dubai.

Much like the city, there is an eco-system of hotel and restaurant franchises that have state-of-the-art designs and luxury properties that are designed by world-famous interior designers.

There is however only one company with a mastery in several domains.

KDesign offers cutting-edge Kitchen, Laundry, and Waste Management design services to the international foodservice and hospitality industry.

KDesign works with brands like Kempinski, One & Only Royal Mirage, Zuma, La Petite Maison,Qbara, ROSTANG, and Pier 7 in Dubai Marina.

KDesigncombines operational intelligence and creative flair to deliver solid practical solutions while maintaining the artistic integrity of the client’s vision.

The company creates highly functional, leading-edge workspaces that maximize efficiency of the overall facilities. KDesign understands back of house functions and is passionate about culinary design

KDesign partners and principals boast backgrounds as hoteliers, restaurateurs, chefs, food and beverage professionals, and restaurant designers. This exceptional diversity is combined with the team’s varied international experience ensures constant innovation, creativity and solution-based thinking.

KDesign brings together the expertise of Elmar Pichorner, Patrick John, and Alexander Lymar providing a wealth of more than 60 years combined experience in the global foodservice and hospitality industry.

With a reputation for delivering stunning and unique experiences on global projects, it is this experience combined with a genuine passion for food & beverage that allows KDesign to develop concepts that are both contemporary and cutting edge.

Sustainability is at the heart of everything that KDesign does. Most products used in the design are environment friendly and the minimalistic design echoes the sustainability pledge.

Through more than 35 years in food & beverage, the team have delivered detailed design support for projects as diverse as 6-star Hotels and Resorts to independent luxury lifestyle venues to QSRs, Hospitals, Universities, Art Galleries and Cruise Liners.

An eclectic contract history has led to a unique reputation within the food and beverage industry with several projects being recognised with awards.

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