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How To Shop For An Engagement Ring In Dubai?

Engagement rings are one of the most important types of jewellery as they are part of one of the most critical moments of your life, i.e., engagement day.

So it becomes crucial to buy an engagement ring that makes your essential day more precious as you will want to keep the essence of the memory forever.

Also, it is not like you will buy an engagement ring for yourself now and then; hence choosing one that just matches your choice and preferences is essential. 

Now talking about purchasing an engagement ring in Dubai, it is well known about the fact that the City Of Gold has so much to offer in terms of jewellery, accessories, and much more. 

Thus finding one from a wide variety of gold and diamond rings in Dubai can get tricky and challenging for you. So in this article, we will talk about things you should consider while buying an engagement ring in Dubai.

Set Your Budget

The first step of buying an engagement ring is to fix a budget for getting a ring for yourself. While there are many options available in different price ranges, setting a budget will help you get a good ring that fits your budget. Setting a budget will help you have a clear goal for which ring you should buy, as different ring options will be available to you as per your price range.

Choosing The Diamond

When choosing a diamond for an engagement ring, you must consider the carat, colour, cut, and clarity.

Carat: Your large carat diamond may appear dull and lifeless whenever a diamond's cut is poor. Thus, you should consider choosing smaller carat diamonds as they will look more extensive with a better cut.

Colour: The colour of a diamond is defined in grades D to Z. A diamond graded D is the most expensive among them all. Gradually, the price decreases as you move from D to Z.

Cut: A diamond's sparkle is determined by its cut. Prices of diamonds vary depending on the size of the diamond and the quality of the cut.

Clarity: Choose an engagement ring with an eye-clean diamond, in other words, one with no visible imperfections, and these types of diamonds are of exceptionally high grade. The diamonds with the best clarity are referred to as flawless diamonds.

Looking Out For Diamond Alternative

It may happen that you or your partner may not like the idea of wearing a diamond-studded ring. At that time, you can look towards alternatives like gemstones. There are various gems available to you, which you can prefer to choose and get attached to the ring. The best part of having gemstones is that you get to choose from a large variety, which is again not possible when you are looking for diamonds. Gemstones will indeed look good with your outfit, and make sure to pair it up with the right type of metal with it.

Choosing The Metal

When choosing metal options, you have limited options; among them, the popular ones are silver, platinum, and gold. When you look out for gold, there are a few more options besides traditional yellow gold, white gold, and rose gold. Each type of metal has its own uniqueness, and people, as per their preferences, choose the one they find suitable. 

White gold is a great option and is preferred over platinum in most situations as it is less expensive. So when you can't go for a platinum ring but usually can't afford it, you can go for gold, and again, it appears a better option than silver jewellery. You can still consider wearing a rose gold ring if you don't want to go for both white and yellow.

Check Your Ring Setting

There are various ring settings available, and we have mentioned a few of them below.

Solitaire ring: In spite of being around for a long time, solitaire engagement rings are still trendy today as they haven't outgrown their popularity yet.

Illusion ring: Often referred to as a cluster ring, this ring comes with a type of setting where the diamond in the ring gives the impression of a diamond being larger than it usually is.

Gemstone ring: These rings are made by encrusting stones in gold or another metal, such as emeralds, rubies, sapphires, or semiprecious gems.

Halo Ring: The halo ring is a ring with a bigger centre stone, surrounded by small stones, commonly pavé diamonds. Halo rings have been popular throughout history.

Vintage ring: It's no wonder that antique rings have endured for so long, as they are beautiful, unique, and have served their purpose for centuries.

Multiple rings: The ring of this type is made of multiple diamonds and gives the wearer a modern look.

Getting Certificate Of Authentication

While you prefer to buy an engagement ring that is studded with diamond, you should always ask your jeweller to give you a certificate of authentication. Nobody will want to spend a fortune on a diamond ring when they are buying and, in return, getting something that is, in reality, not even a diamond but something else. This certificate will verify that the diamond you are purchasing is authentic. All the 4 C's ( carat, cut, color, clarity) of the diamond are promised by the jeweller. This applies even when you want to buy gemstones and gold.

So this was all about how to shop for an engagement ring in Dubai.

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