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What Are The Three Interesting Facts About The Desert Safari Tour?

Are you looking for the best place to spend your weekends? Do you have enough leisure to pursue the world? How about Morning Desert Safari?

Dubai has become one of the most fantasized places for tourists. It has become the 4th tourist spot after Paris, Bangkok, and London. People from every continent have the urge to visit Dubai and glance at the breathtaking buildings, mesmerizing views, and prestigious places.

On the other hand, Dubai Desert Safari has its own supremacy, where a swath of touristsvisits every yearfordifferent adventure activities and to spend their weekends.

It has a couple of packages like Basic, Morning Desert Safari, and Overnight Desert Safari. All have different price ranges and activities.

Do you want to know some interesting facts about the Dubai Desert safari you are maybe not aware of? Let’s talk about them in the next phase of our blog.

Dune Bashing

Dune bashing on a Morning Desert Safari means driving on an uneven terrain surface and topsy-turvy, which looks fantastic and memorable, of course, if you are visiting it for the first time.

It’s an adrenaline ride, better than a roller coaster one. You’ll forget all the mishaps when you adventure the exquisite and picturesque landscape of Morning Dubai Desert Safari.

To enjoy this, you need to purchase the Morning Desert Safari package. In this package, not only dune bashing, but you can also ride camel and Quad bikefor just $40 per head.

If you ever visit Dubai, Dune bashing is one of the scintillating rides of the whole Dubai Tour.


We’ve all done snowboarding, but how about sandboarding on Morning Desert Safari? It’s an amusing activity to do on the red sand of the desert. It’s also included in the Morning Desert Safari.

It’s preferable to do it in the evening time when you can also watch the stunning sunset of Dubai. Moreover, you can also try this even if you don’t have any experience sandboarding in the past. There’s always a rescuer on the dune who comes and saves you from getting unconscious.

Overnight Safari

This is not included in Morning Safari, as the name shows it. However, in this drive, you would love the fresh BBQ while watching the belly dance. Not only this, but you can also watch the bright stars at night while resting in your tent.

This is much more expensive than the Morning Desert Safari, as it is much cooler, and the serenity of the cold air touches your soul.

The staff and workers are quite cooperative and helpful. They will help you with what you need.


The above three facts about Dubai Desert harbinger the enjoyment at the place. This isn’t enough; there are numerous facts and tour places in Dubai, which you would abet and would spend your whole summer. Some of them are Dubai Safari, Water Parks, Marine dinner, and much more.

The sandboarding, camel ride, Quad bike ride, and dune bashing are some of the major activities in the Dubai Desert, which you should not miss out on. 

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