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5 Tips For Investigation Interviews By Telephone

Private investigators have tips when conducting a telephone interview. A qualified detective agency in Dubai can help you make informed decisions in a case.

Private investigators operate in the same way worldwide- the techniques are the same whether you are looking for a detective agency in Dubai, France or anywhere else in the world.

When conducting an investigation, the most effective and straightforward method for a private detective is face-to-face interviews, as it allows investigators to observe body language and different reactions while asking questions. It is also a time when intuition and instinct can play a big role in getting to know a situation or a person. A key point to consider is that these interviews are not interrogations and the people contacted are not under suspicion.

However, getting a face-to-face interview can be tricky, especially at the early stages of the investigation process. With that in mind, let’s see some of the best tips for investigating interviews by telephone.

1. Preparation

This goes without saying, but it is very important to know the case inside out and everyone involved, before picking up the phone. It would be also helpful to know the best time to address the subject - we live in a busy world where people are very aware of their free time- so being flexible and working around their schedule is a good starting point in a successful telephone interview.

2. The interviewing format to consider

When conducting a telephonic interview, a detective should have an effective format ready and employ the same techniques as in a face-to-face interview.

An efficient structure should take into consideration the following:

  • Introduction/Identification
  • Rapport and questions
  • Closing the interview

3. Listen

This is another tip that may seem obvious, but most of us are unable to actively listen as well as we think we are, according to several studies.

Phone interviews can be trickier than in-person conversations when it comes to attentive listening, as we lack visual contact so a good detective should listen to what is said but also pay attention to the eventual pauses or tone of voice.

4. Build rapport and establish a baseline

Each interviewed person is unique, so it is very important to establish a baseline. This must be done during the first minutes of the conversation by asking “neutral” questions or talking about the weather, to observe the other person’s speech patterns.

5. Recognize inconsistencies or “lead generators”

At the end of the interview, a private investigator should be able to identify inconsistencies or time lapses in the story that the interviewee narrated. These are clues that can lead to resolving the case.

The take home

There are many situations where an investigator has to interview witnesses by phone, which can be more challenging than an in-person conversation. It is very important to establish a good rapport from the get-go to extract helpful information for the case. If you are in the UAE and have a situation where you need more knowledge to make an informed decision, a private detective in Dubai for instance is qualified to determine where things are coming from and why even in the case of a telephone interview.

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