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Hardware Or Classic Massage: What Is The Best?

As technologies advance, so does every industry, including health and wellness one. For some people, the only “proper” massage can be done only manually, though, while other people think that technologies like hardware massage tools increase the productivity of treatments.

There’s no right or wrong side to this issue ‒ in most cases, the massage technique and approach are chosen by both client and therapist. In the Luxury Spa lounge, different types of massage are available ‒ both hardware and manual ones.

Let’s see how you can benefit from each of these options.

Pros and cons of manual massage

One of the most in-demand massage treatments is an anti-cellulite massage ‒ both for men and women, although cellulite is a condition that women are prone to. Cellulite removal massages can be performed manually or using special equipment. Various manual massage treatments can be used to treat cellulite, including a traditional technique: a classic relaxing manual massage technique that uses no extra cosmetics or equipment ‒ a perfect choice to concentrate on specific areas;

The main advantages of classical manual massage are its versatility, affordability, and few to no contradictions. Besides, you get a comforting feeling of human touch that relaxes you mentally as well.

But if you’re seeking a deep tissue massage for specific body regions like deep muscles of the back, you need either a really skillful therapist, or a hardware massage option.

Pros and cons of hardware massage

There are various options for hardware massage ‒ a lot of them can be used to treat cellulite as well:

  • LPG massage
  • vacuum treatment
  • roller or foam massage

Using hardware to perform a massage is highly beneficial to your body if you experience heavy soreness in your muscles and tightness in joints. It’s not only techniques that use advanced technologies, though ‒ there is also a hot stone massage that provides both relaxing and soreness-relieving effects.

Unlike with manual massage, you can easily reach out on your own to complex body regions that need a thorough treatment ‒ the small of your back, your neck, and your hands.

Hardware massage is also highly beneficial for treating cellulite as the power of tools your therapist uses can more effectively activate lymphatic drainage and flush out toxins and pathogens through the lymph.

Both massage treatment techniques are highly advantageous for getting tighter and healthier-looking skin while also inducing your internal healing processes.

At the very heart of Dubai, Luxury Spa professionals are ready to provide you with the best massage treatment. Using European efficiency standards, the team can help you reduce stress and anxiety as well as diminish aches in muscles and joints.

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