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SCCI Calls For More Programs And Initiatives To Boost Sharjah’s Real Estate Sector

Chamber forms Real Estate Business Group to help stir more economic activity and development in the emirate

The Sharjah Chamber of Commerce and Industry (SCCI) made the call for the implementation of more intensive programs and initiatives specially designed to help strengthen Sharjah’s real estate sector during a special meeting held recently at the SCCI headquarters in Sharjah, UAE. Coinciding with the call for action, the SCCI announced the creation of a business group for Sharjah’s real estate sector that will be tasked with the responsibilities of acting as an effective communication link between the chamber and the real estate sector and to establish business programs aimed at creating more economic activity and opportunities for the emirate.

Present during the meeting were Ahmed Mohammed Rashid Al Jarwan, SCCI Board member and Committee member of the Trade Services Council; Mohammad Ahmed Amin, Assistant Director General of Economic and International Affairs and Ibrahim Rashid Al Jarwan, SCCI Director for Economic Affairs. In addition, present during the event were the chamber’s board of directors and the members of the various business groups representing Sharjah’s key economic sectors. Various real estate agents representing the different real estate development firms in Sharjah were also present during the meeting.

During the meeting, the SCCI announced the appointments of Khaled Abdul Aziz Kashwani as President of the real estate business group, Mohammad Eissa Zamzam as Vice President and Badr Mohammad Jani as the group Rapporteur. Ahmed Al Kazem, Sultan Al Hussani, Omar Yusuf Al Dokhi, Khalfan Saeed Al Kindi, Abdul Qader Muhammad Abdullah, and Abdullah Jaafar Al Zarooni were appointed as members of the representative committee of the real estate sector business group. Selection of the officers for the Real Estate Sector Business Group was made upon recommendations presented by the SCCI Board of Directors.

The newly formed business group will act as a prime intermediary between the SCCI and the emirate’s real estate sector. Through its role as a communication link between the two parties, the Real Estate Business Group will be able to review the different opportunities and challenges that are currently being faced by Sharjah’s construction and real estate sector. The group will also be tasked in the implementation of new business programs that have been designed to introduce and promote investment opportunities in the emirate, thereby stirring more economic activity for the real estate sector.

Ahmed Mohammed Rashid Al Jarwan said, “The creation of a real estate sector business group reflects the SCCI’s strong commitment to provide an integrated strategy that is in line with the visions of His Highness Dr. Sheikh Sultan Bin Mohammed Al Qasimi, UAE Supreme Council Member and Ruler of Sharjah. This new group seeks to look after the interests of Sharjah’s private sector and to create economic activities and opportunities that will complement the emirate’s bid to ensure sustainable development.”

“Moreover, the newly formed group will be expected to exert all out efforts in performing their tasks of enhancing the growth of Sharjah’s real estate sector. The SCCI affirms its commitment to assist this group and the many other business groups in helping achieve common goals for both the short term and the future,” he added.

Mohammad Ahmed Amin said, “The real estate business group is given the important task of monitoring and analyzing Sharjah’s real estate segment. Upon doing so, the group can formulate and conceptualize an intensive strategy plan that can best serve the interests of the Chamber and the local economic community.”

The Real Estate Sector Business Group is part of an SCCI initiative called The Business Groups, which acts as an effective means of communication between Sharjah’s diverse economic sector and the chamber. Through their role as intermediaries between the Chamber and the private sector, the Business Groups help keep both parties aware of the emirate’s current economic conditions, challenges and opportunities. Each Business Group, which is a representation of Sharjah’s various economic sectors, is expected to launch initiatives that will help support the economic community and encourage the creation of investment opportunities that the emirate can benefit from.

Another highlight of the meeting was a presentation made by Murtada Al Fateh Al Zailaei, which focused on the administrative, legal and legislative aspects of the Business Groups initiative. The presentation also discussed the vital role that these groups play in helping the SCCI attain its set visions and goals and the implementation of programs and initiatives that can reinforce communication with the private sector and contribute to its continuous growth.

“Business groups are created by the SCCI to cater to specific target industries and audiences. These groups are aimed at boosting Sharjah’s economy by launching work programs and initiatives, providing a comprehensive analysis of the obstacles to Sharjah’s growth, formulating suitable solutions and reviewing recently passed laws and regulations,” Zailaei said.

The different Business Groups are formed through the recommendation of the SCCI Board of Directors, SCCI Permanent committees or through a request coming from a constituent member of the Chamber. The SCCI’s Department of Economic Affairs oversees and supervises the creation of these groups. Each group is composed of SCCI members representing companies, institutions and employers who are practicing economical and vocational service work or have a common interest in certain activities.

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