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SearchInform Launches The Unique Information Security Service In The MENA Market

New IS service will ensure information security for small and medium-sized businesses in the UAE.

SearchInform, the leading risk management product developer, is expanding its presence in the MENA region. The vendor is introducing its information security outsourcing service to the market.  The single service ensures customers’ comprehensive protection and helps to improve business efficiency. This offer brings a unique proposition to the market. With the help of outsourcing services, companies can prevent data leaks, monitor user activity and reveal inefficient business processes.

Lev Matveev, SearchInform Chairman of the Board of Directors:"We have been working on the MENA market for a long time; our solutions already protect banks, hospitals and manufacturing facilities. Being the service provider requires even more close cooperation with customers. To meet this goal, we have strengthened our presence in the UAE, opened an office in Dubai, and expanded our staff to be in closer contact with our customers. The client doesn't risk anything - the free-of-charge one-month trial is available. The client can decide whether the service suits the company’s needs during the free trial. During this month, the client gets the full picture of their business's state of safety and efficiency. We’ve been successfully developing the service since 2019 in several countries. According to our statistics, 100% of companies, even at the test stage, detect incidents: data leaks, corporate fraud, misconfigured access rights.”

The service by SearchInform enables solving the following tasks: ensuring protection against data leaks, data classification, access rights audit, monitoring of employees’ activity and much more. With outsourcing, it is possible to perform regulatory compliance audits (Personal Data Protection Law, DCC-1: 2022, SAMA, GDPR and many others). This service stands out for its ability to handle the tasks mentioned above, a feature not commonly found in other options on the market.

As the service provider, SearchInform protects the clients with the help of its security solutions (DLP, DCAP, Risk Management solution) and provides analytical experts who manage these solutions. The company's specialists implement and maintain the software in the customers' IT infrastructure, set up security policies for effective monitoring and help customers fine-tune the software. The analyst working with the software constantly monitors the situation, detects incidents and investigates them if necessary. The analyst provides the customers with detailed reports and also notifies them urgently in case of an emergency to prevent an incident. Protective solutions can be deployed in the cloud, such as Microsoft Azure.

Sergey Ozhegov, SearchInform CEO: "The concept of the service is unique - we offer the platform, ensuring internal security and improving business efficiency available by subscription. Our service is useful for literally any organization. For SMEs, it is the opportunity to get full-scale comprehensive protection at low expenditures, as there is no need to purchase expensive hardware and software or hire onboard IS officers. Large enterprises with their own IS departments can delegate some tasks (e.g. routine tasks) to MSSP, what reduces the load on in-house specialists; what’s more, they get access to MSSP’s specialists’ unique tools and expertise. We believe the best thing about our new service is that it makes information security more accessible to all organizations."

SearchInform, a privately held company, specializes in developing cutting-edge risk management products and holds a prominent position as one of the industry leaders. With a client base spanning over 20 countries and over 4,000 companies, SearchInform provides an advanced platform for internal threat mitigation. 

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