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Send Money To Bangladesh From UAE: Safe, Secure And Cheaper Way To Remit Funds

With expats constituting a majority of the population of the UAE, it’s no surprise the UAE is one of the world’s most significant contributors in payments sent abroad. Money transfer apps have become incredibly popular among expats for their low transaction costs and timing. 

If you reside in the UAE and want to learn how to send money from the UAE to Bangladesh, here are four standard methods for international money transfer for you to consider. 

Comparing Popular Money Transfer Methods

  • Bank transfers or wire transfers are secure options for sending funds. However, they may come with high transaction costs and unfavorable exchange rates.
  • International money transfer companies provide a cost-effective transfer service. However, it is not always convenient.
  • Money transfer apps or mobile wallets offer a more convenient and cheapest way to wire funds. When choosing a provider, selecting a reputable one is crucial to avoid wire fraud.
  • Foreign exchange brokerage firms can facilitate international transfers, but you must open a forex trading account to send funds.

Let us compare the different options for international money transfers at our disposal. 

Comparison Points

Bank Transfer

International Money Transfer Services

Foreign Exchange Houses

Money Transfer Apps



Less Secure

Less Secure


Transaction Fees





Exchange Rate Margin

Least favorable

Less favorable

Less Favorable

Most Favorable


1-2 business days

1-5 business days

1-5 business days

0-1 business days



Less Convenient

Less convenient

Most Convenient

Money Transfer Apps: Best Way to Send Money Internationally

By combining safety with ease of use and low transaction costs, money transfer apps, or digital wallets as they’re also called, are currently offering the best of all worlds. 


These apps allow you to safely store your funds, which you can transfer to Bangladesh anytime. And you can keep the balance as much as you need to avoid the chances of fraud.


Money transfer apps allow you to instantly make bank transfers at a favorable exchange rate, with no hidden costs or transaction fees. 


These apps can immediately send money to your home country within a few clicks. Thus, you don’t need to wait for 5-7 days to reflect the credit in your bank account.


You don’t need to make any physical visits or go through complex account opening procedures to start sending money to Bangladesh. Moreover, you can send money anytime from the UAE without worrying about working hours.

Flexible Payments

You can send money to bank accounts, send cash, or recharge the sim card balances of your family members in Bangladesh with these apps, which is an added benefit for app lovers.

Final Thoughts

Technological advancements have made it much easier for overseas workers to send money home to their families. To send money from the UAE to Bangladesh, consider using money transfer apps like Payit. They offer the best combination of safety, affordability, and convenience, making them the top choice for quick international transfers.

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