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AUS Secures Patent From US Patent And Trademark Office For Breast Cancer Therapy

A research team from the American University of Sharjah (AUS) has successfully secured a patent from the United States Patent and Trademark Office (USPTO) for a pioneering chemotherapy treatment model as the search for a revolutionary cancer treatment to save lives is of paramount importance.

Led by Dr. Ghaleb Husseini, AUS Professor in Chemical and Biological Engineering, the team also included Dr. Mohammad Al-Sayah, Professor in Biology, Chemistry and Environmental Sciences at the AUS College of Arts and Sciences; and Amal Elsadig, a 2018 graduate of the AUS Master of Science in Chemical Engineering programme.

The novel chemotherapy platform utilises tiny capsules, known as Herceptin-targeted nanocarriers, that may encapsulate multiple anticancer agents, including nine chemotherapy drugs. When these nanocarriers bind with breast cancer tissues, they are activated by ultrasound waves, releasing the medication directly into the affected tissues only.

"This approach ensures the delivery of highly concentrated therapeutic doses to cancerous cells while sparing healthy cells, significantly reducing the adverse side effects that often accompany chemotherapy. This is why this patent represents a remarkable advancement in cancer treatment, opening doors to more effective and less burdensome therapies for cancer patients," said Dr. Husseini.

He added, "The patent's significance lies in its suitability for diseases like breast tumours, given the widespread availability of ultrasound equipment in clinics, making this technology more accessible to patients."

Building on the team's previous patent issued in 2020, this new addition encompasses both high frequencies and high-power levels of ultrasound.

Dr. Al-Sayah highlighted the patent's potential impact, "We are at the threshold of a new era in cancer treatment. This patent is a testament to our relentless pursuit of better, less invasive therapies that can transform the lives of cancer patients."

The research team is currently immersed in vivo testing aimed at fine-tuning the ultrasound parameters, a crucial step towards the practical application of this innovative technology.

The patent underscores the dedication of AUS faculty to research excellence and social responsibility, exemplifying their commitment to enhancing lives and aligning with AUS' mission to make a meaningful impact in the face of pressing global challenges.

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